Tarp Material Type


Tarps Now is a proud provider of tarps with extensive material type selection availability, depending on the intended purpose. Our American-made covers and tarps are a commitment to the high levels of service and product quality that we provide to our customers. We have many different tarps made with various material types. These durable tarps can be found in schools, warehouses, military and industrial environments, exhibition halls and many other locations. People rely on the particular material type of tarps and covers for many different reasons. These tarps are useful for creating privacy, resisting water, withstanding high temperatures and protecting floors and equipment. The beneficial and dynamic nature of selecting a particular material type makes the tarp an ideal solution for an extended range of environments.

Types of material include canvas, vinyl, polyethylene, mesh, fire resistant, high-temperature resistant, military products and many other specialty materials. They are made with high-grade materials to ensure dependable and hassle-free operation for many years. The tarp material is resistant to most chemicals and will help control light, sound, odor, temperature, heat and contaminants. Covers and tarps can be used as drop cloths, fence screens, car covers, tennis windscreens and much more. The numerous applications made possible by selecting a material type allows users to control more carefully where they use it to accommodate particular needs. Tarps Now also sells types of material by the yard or roll. Please email us with your needs using Contact Us page to send us an inquiry today!