Sports Tarps

To help safeguard the focal point of stadiums and arenas, Sports Tarps are commonly used as field covers, sideline covers, gym covers, and floor covers helping keep the playing surface and the surrounding areas as dry, clean, and protected as possible. Other important coverings are windscreens that minimize wind damage to the field and stadium. These offer a degree of water resistance and UV ray protection. Stadium and Arena Covers are a great way to maintain and secure unused seating areas. Tarps now also has a wide selection of Boxing Ring covers and MMA Mats in a variety of colors and shapes for safe and professional looking fight surfaces.

Whether it is indoor gymnasiums or outdoor sports venues, Tarps Now also provides the Sports Tarps and Covers that can transform a field or court into the perfect setting for a large-scale event. These locations are ideal for occasions such as graduation ceremonies, concerts, and auctions. Unfortunately, these gatherings can put a great deal of strain on the turf or gym floor. In order to avoid having to re-seed or repair the surface, consider investing in Sports Tarps. These unobtrusive sheets of protective coverings are available in a number of colors to match any school, team, or organization brand. A variety of material weights are offered to handle the degree of protection necessary for the surface below.

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