Sports Tarps

Whether for indoor gymnasiums or outdoor sports venues, Tarps Now Sports Tarps and gym floor covers can transform a field or court into the perfect location for a large scale event. Fields and gymnasiums are great venues for big events such as graduation ceremonies and auctions, but unfortunately these gatherings can put a great deal of strain on the turf or gym floor. In order to avoid having to re-seed or repair the surface, consider investing in sports tarps. These unobtrusive sheets of protective covering can come in a number of different colors to match any occasion. Different weights are also available, depending on how heavy duty your tarp needs to be to protect the surface below.

In the case of outdoor sports venues, sports tarps can also be used as field covers and sideline covers, helping to keep the field and its surroundings as dry as possible. Another common application of the tarps is using them as windscreens in order to minimize wind damage to the field and stadium. In the event of bad weather, these tarps can make all the difference in providing shelter for both the players and spectators. The tarps can offer varying levels of water resistance and UV protection, depending on their material and design. In addition, field and gym tarps can serve as safety padding, creating cushion between the field and spectators’ seating area.