Truck Tarps

Truck Tarps


Tarps Now Truck Tarps will keep you trucking with the highest-quality tarps at the lowest possible cost. Careful craftsmanship ensures that you’ll get a top-quality, weatherproof tarp that will cover and protect your load, no matter what you’re hauling, be it lumber, steel, refuse or temperature-sensitive asphalt. Tarps Now’s standard truck tarps are made with tough, 18-ounce vinyl coated material, though custom sizes and materials are available, of course.


Tarps Now can manufacture truck tarps using a combination of vinyl weights or any one of many coated vinyl products. Heat-sealed vinyl seams and double lock-stitched hems ensure strength and durability. Some include welded, tack-stitched D-rings that provide high tension strength. Tarps Now also has come out with a new line of lightweight, 10-ounce truck tarps that are still strong but which are easier to handle. All of these tarps resist punctures while offering ease of handling, strength and durability to help you haul your load safely and securely while on the road.

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