Poly Tarps

Poly Tarps have long been a specialty at Tarps Now!  You'll find a complete selection of Premium Grade Poly Tarps that resist rips, tears, heat, fire, water and mildew, even in low-temperature conditions. You'll also find that our Poly Tarps feature hems that are Polyethylene reinforced, with Poly Tarp seams that are heat-welded to make your Poly Tarps totally waterproof. 

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From Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarps, to our complete line of Premium Heavy Duty Poly Tarps that are among the best designed anywhere in the world.  Featuring top quality materials, you'll find a complete line of Heavy Duty Poly Tarps that are heat and tear resistant, both with or without fire-resistance properties. Find a complete line Super Heavy Truck Poly Tarps, Offshore Oil Rig Heavy Duty Poly Tarps and Waste Hauling Super Duty Dumpster Poly Tarps, as well as Asbestos Containment Grade Heavy Duty Poly Tarps and Heat-Absorbing Cold Weather Heavy Duty Poly Tarps for construction sites and industrial equipment covers.

Find a complete selection of White Poly Tarps, Blue Poly Tarps, Silver Poly Tarps and Brown Poly Tarps, as well as many other Waterproof Poly Tarps in colors that are often used for construction projects and landscaping. For trucking and roof tarps, White Poly Tarps and Silver Poly Tarps are most frequently selected because of their ultra violet heat reflective properties.  White Poly Tarps are also in high demand for cold weather and arctic conditions associated with Ice Skating Rinks, as the White Poly Tarp color reflects ultra violet rays and tends to absorb less heat.  We also note that a wide range of brightly colored Poly Tarps are often selected where high visibility and water resistance are needed most.  Bright Yellow Poly Tarps, Green Poly Tarps and Blue Poly Tarps are often selected where visibility and water resistant Poly Tarps are called for.

Our Clear Reinforced Poly Tarps offer you three (3) ply layered construction with white diamond string reinforcement for heavy equipment, containment and scaffolding Poly Tarp applications.
In addition to the wide selection of Tear Resistant Waterproof Poly Tarps, you'll also find an excellent selection of Fire Resistant Poly Tarps, as well as Clear Reinforced Poly Tarps.  Have a special application need?  You'll also find a great selection of Poly Tarp Materials and Poly Sheeting to meet almost any application where Poly Tarpaulin materials are needed. Be sure to browse our selections of Reinforced Medium Duty Poly Sheeting, or choose our economical light-duty blue poly tarp. These Poly Tarp Sheets and Poly Tarp Materials great for both indoor and outside uses.
Contact Tarps Now if you need custom sizes for any of our Poly Tarps or Poly Tarpaulin Materials. We’ve got more than 30 years of expertise in Polyethylene Tarps and Poly Tarpaulin Covers for residential, commercial and industrial applications.