Welding Blankets, Curtains and Screens


Welding blankets, curtains and tarps are essential safety items for work spaces in which welding takes place. Welding curtains and screens help keep workers and work spaces safe from the various hazards associated with welding, including sparks, UV flashes, spatter and dust. Welding blankets, curtains & tarps also contain dust to the welding space.

We offer a wide variety of PVC welding curtains, such as fire resistant transparent vinyl. The major difference between welding curtains and welding blankets is that curtains should only be used vertically. Light duty welding blankets are typically used for general welding and can provide protection against light sparks and spatter. These may also be used vertically. If using the welding blanket flat, it is recommended to use a heavy-duty blanket with a higher melt temperature. Our selection of welding blankets, curtains & tarps can help ensure the safety of your welding space, and TarpsNow.com offers these items in custom sizes and configurations.

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