Canvas Tarps

Tarps Now continues to deliver superior quality canvas tarps and canvas covers to our customers supporting a wide range of industries in just about every location imaginable throughout North America. Our canvas tarps are made in the United States with premium cotton canvas duck that is 100 percent industrial grade for maximum performance. These canvas tarps and covers are breathable, waterproof, and extremely durable.

Crafted with superior stitching, double-folded hems, and sturdy brass grommets for proper tie-downs Tarps Now canvas tarps provide the desired benefits and solutions necessary for even the toughest of jobs. Canvas tarps are commonly utilized for numerous rugged heavy-duty applications including warehousing, plant operations, construction, trucking, painting, landscaping, or farming.

Many of the canvas tarp products are available in an assortment of sizes, grades, colors, and weight. There is a selection of distinct material such as treated, untreated, natural, and fire retardant options for specific needs and functions.

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We also supply a variety of canvas salvage covers and runners, welding curtains, awning canvas, canvas utility and tool bags, and canvas boxing ring covers as well as canvas fabric by the yard.

Do you need a custom size or a stock size canvas tarp for your requirements? Let Tarps Now’s experienced team help you find the right fit and get your canvas tarp to you promptly. Contact us at (888) 800-1383,, or fill out our convenient contact form for your canvas tarps needs.

The Versatility of Canvas Tarps


Canvas tarps are the world’s original tarps and are still an extremely versatile cover on the market today. The 100 percent cotton fiber make-up of canvas tarps allows them to be a sturdy product that is environmentally friendly and not slippery like other tarps especially disposable plastic versions.   

With the ability to be used over and over again, canvas tarps are a reliable, a long-lasting product that is heavy enough to stay in place and light enough to be easily picked up and moved as many times as necessary.


Canvas tarps are often best utilized to cover stationary items. The objective of the canvas tarp is to provide defense from dirt, wind, rain, snow, and Sun as well as providing other protection. A properly secured article is a lot less like to be damaged or even stolen.


The air flow that canvas tarps allow helps protect the covered objects from mold, rust, or heat related damage. The water and sun protection of canvas tarps include preventing premature aging and weathering maintaining as much of the original characteristics as possible.    


Canvas Tarp Solutions


Tarps Now utilizes high grade industrial strength materials for our canvas tarps that are more than tough enough for any situation. There is a nearly unlimited range of sizes, colors, weights and requirements. When it comes to custom made canvas tarps, we are the leader.

Our canvas tarps are constructed to meet the specs for NASA, Defense Contractors, Fortune 500 Aerospace Firms, Energy Companies, Trucking Transportation Companies, Electrical Utilities, Oil Rig and Oil Field Equipment, Shipyards, Manufacturers, and Warehousing concerns throughout North America.

Important canvas tarp needs:

• Durability
• Fire Retardant
• Waterproof
• Breathable
• Chemical Resistant

Alternatively, you can also choose from a wide variety of canvas tarps including our standard or heavy duty, natural (untreated) canvas tarps, or our 100 percent cotton natural canvas duck tarps.

Enjoy factory direct pricing, great customer service, and fast turnaround on every order when you shop for canvas tarps at Tarps Now. We are pleased to help you make the right selection for your needs. Contact us now!