Waterproof Tarps

Waterproof Tarps

Tarps Now provides an extremely wide selection of Waterproof Tarps. The products include Waterproof Canvas Tarps, Waterproof Poly Tarps, and Waterproof Vinyl Tarps for both outdoor and indoor applications. These covers are utilized when guarding against the damaging effects of water and other hazards.

Manufactured of high quality materials, many of our Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarps are Made in the USA and offered in a wide variety of colors, weights, specialized features, and in standard sizes. There are also custom options to match your specific dimensional and spacing requirements for your waterproof tarp.

Waterproof Canvas Tarps not only resist water, they are well suited for tasks such as equipment covers, trucking, boating, and even firewood protection. In contrast, Waterproof Poly Tarps are the most economical waterproof covers providing strength and shield for almost any requirement.

The most popular waterproof products are Waterproof Vinyl Tarps. They are durable and versatile. These are frequently utilized for industrial, equipment, storage, transportation, and domestic purposes. Call Tarps Now to discuss how our selection of weatherproof tarps can be used to meet your demands.

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Benefits of Waterproof Tarps

Choosing waterproof tarpaulin is a great idea if you’re moving or storing objects outdoors. A large waterproof tarp can cover objects to protect them from the elements. Let’s break down some of the different heavy duty waterproof tarps you can choose from.

Waterproof Vinyl Tarps are a great multi-purpose option. They offer ideal coverage as truck tarps or can be used in residential outdoor areas such as patios, porches, and decks as curtains or temporary walls. In addition to being water resistant, they also resist severe weather, UV rays, abrasion, and mildew.

Waterproof Poly Tarps are also super heavy duty, mildew resistant, and UV resistant. You can find polyethylene tarps available in a flame retardant version. These heavy duty poly tarps are ideal for such applications as building enclosures, alternative daily landfill covers, and membrane structures.

Waterproof Canvas Tarps are often 20 mil thick and made with an incredibly strong Rhino-Tex canvas material, which includes 100% silicone-coated polyester. This fabric is industrial strength, making it over two times as strong as typical canvas material.

Find all the waterproof tarps for your needs from your friends at Tarps Now. Shop our complete collection of waterproof tarps.

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