Vinyl Tarps | PVC Tarps | Vinyl Covers

Vinyl Tarps | PVC Tarps | Vinyl Covers

Customers know that our vinyl tarps and covers can handle a wide range of some of the toughest jobs. From light to medium to super heavy-duty options, Tarps Now vinyl tarps offer long-lasting, superior protection against issues such as rips, punctures, abrasion, water, mildew, oil, grease, acid, and wind. These vinyl tarps are made in the USA.

A huge advantage of vinyl tarps over poly tarps, which are made of plastic, is the extended lifespan of these covers. Vinyl tarps are durable and resistant to both nature’s and man made elements. Durability is instilled through heat-sealed seams and the laminated multiple layers of material.

Trucking, construction, industrial, oil rigs, farming, boatyards, and around the house are just a few areas that utilize Tarps Now vinyl tarps. 

Just use our contact form to tell us what you need, and we'll write up a personalized estimate for you.

Available in an assortment of specialized products including coated, waterproof, fire retardant, clear, ani-static, neoprene, hypalon, awning/canopy, and movie screens we have a solution for your vinyl tarp needs covered.

Most of the vinyl tarps are made to order. Please allow 10 to 15 days to manufacture these covers. Call Tarps Now at (888 )800-1383 for your Vinyl Tarp requirements!

Creative Uses for Vinyl Tarps

The vinyl tarp is a versatile product. Depending on the specification, they can creatively be used as gym floor covers, field covers, fencing, or banners.   

The heavy-duty vinyl tarp is one of our best-selling tarpaulins for its value-pricing and adaptable applications. Heat-sealed seams provide an added defense against the elements being administered in vital applications such as high-stress truckload tarps, oil rig and refinery equipment covers, boatyard tarps, and pollution covers.

Fire retardant vinyl tarps are often used as fire department salvage covers and asbestos containment tarps. These PVC tarps are made of NFPA-701-compliant flame-resistant material that has been approved by the California Fire Marshal.

The fire retardant PVC tarp is also used around homes and businesses in drought-stricken regions prone to wildfires. They are also useful as welding curtains and paint booth covers.

We can manufacture any size vinyl tarp and cover to meet the needs of your project. Just contact us with the specs for a quick quote. We offer additional discounts on large orders.

Vinyl Tarp Benefits

Vinyl tarps are constructed thick and tough for strong, heavier duty applications. Benefits of vinyl tarps include:


  • • Exceptional quality: vinyl tarps have heat-sealed seams and are multi-layered.
  • • Provides superior tear resistance: excellent covers for truck freight and equipment coverage in extreme situations.
  • • Waterproof: protection against water and other corrosive elements is paramount in shielding your freight, equipment, materials, or structures.
  • • Stands up to the extreme temperatures: delivers consistently as low as -40 degrees and as high as 160 degrees F.
  • • Maintains its size: vinyl tarps do not shrink under typical conditions and environments.   
  • • Quality Made in USA.   



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