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How To Choose The Right Tarp?

Customers are often confused about choosing the right tarp. Before buying a tarp, it’s important to understand its purpose. Are you planning on using it as a protection against the sun or rain, or looking for camping or truck covers?

Understanding the different tarp features like their fabric, longevity, rot-resistance, thickness/density or even the color can help you make a better decision in choosing the right tarp.

What’s your purpose?

It’s easy to determine the right tarp once you define the purpose. Tarps have limitless applications for all kinds of commercial and residential purposes.

Heavy duty tarps
Industrial Tarps

Industries require a wide range of tarps that are fire retardant, antistatic, anti-corrosion, and heat shrinkable additives. The industrial needs can include equipment covers for

  • indoors or outdoors,

  • welding blankets,

  • insulated industrial curtain walls,

  • industrial roll-up curtains and

  • super heavy-duty tarps that are perfect for construction, transportation, aerospace, military, agricultural, commercial, manufacturing, and warehousing applications.

Tarps for industrial purposes
  • Vinyl and neoprene tarps are made of fabrics that offer strength and abrasion-resistance. This makes them ideal for trucking, construction, agriculture, and most other industrial applications.

  • Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps are perfect for outdoor applications along with high tolerance for gas and fuel. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty tarp, look out for a heavy mesh count with a strong thread shaft.

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Sports Tarps

If you’re looking for the perfect infield and outfield tarps for sports purposes, Tarps Now® has released a new line of sports tarps like custom coverings for

  • Baseball Field Tarps

  • Softball Field Covers,

  • Soccer Field Covers,

  • Ball Field Tarp Storage Rollers

  • Football Field Tarp Covers and

  • Football Field Sideline Covers

  • Track & Field Tarps,

  • Track Jump Pit Covers,

  • Tennis Court Covers,

  • Stadium seat covers

  • Stadium padding

  • Boxing Ring Covers and

  • Gym Floor Covers

All the tarps and covers can be tailor-made to individual specifications that may require varying levels of water resistance and UV protection. Tarps Now® provide high-quality mesh tarps which are ideal for sports usage.

The most popular sports tarps include Mesh tarps which are known for its strong visibility and optimal sun shade coverage. Poly tarps are used in gymnasiums to protect the hardwood floor.

Vinyl coated tarps and Vinyl laminated tarps are known for superior quality, flame retardant and performance which is why they are mainly used for baseball field covers, Football sideline covers, and Gym floor covers.

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Flame Retardant Tarps

Tarps made of polyethylene or vinyl has better flame resistance when compared to other materials. Tarps Now® manufactures fire retardant tarps with excellence and goes through a long testing process. Our tarps meet the following strict federal fire retardant standards:

  • NFPA 701 (large scale);

  • CPAI-84; CAN/ULC S-109-M87;

  • ASTM E-84 (Class A);

  • California State Fire Marshal and

  • CSFM Title 19.

Tarps Now® Heavy Duty Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarps are perfect for industries looking for fire rated tarps. These tarps resist grease, oil, mildew and acid and are waterproof, UV resistant, highly tear resistant and abrasion resistant.

The 22oz super heavy-duty vinyl tarp is one of the most popular flame retardant tarps. They are incredibly durable and highly resistant to abrasions.

Flame retardant poly tarps are all coated on both sides with solid polyethylene which is used for construction and commercial purposes.

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Hurricane Tarps

Tarps for hurricane require superior construction in order to withstand extreme winds and debris. Tarps Now® Hurricane Mesh Tarps consists of sturdy mesh fabric to prevent roof damage, landscaping debris removal and protect the surrounding structures.

Blue poly hurricane tarps are the most popular hurricane covers which are easy to handle and helps prevent or minimize storm damage. These are 100% water-proof, rot-resistance, tear-resistant with Arctic flexibility.

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Containment Tarps

Containment projects require tarps that are strong enough to protect buildings and landscape from sandblasting, painting or other activities. They should also adhere to the environmental regulations which require 100% containment from hazardous emissions.

For this purpose, Tarps Now® offers a wide range of Sandblasting Containment Tarps, covers, and curtains. They fit perfectly in applications like

  • Demolition projects,

  • Restoration projects,

  • Industrial painting,

  • Shipyards and

  • Other large sandblasting projects including lead abatement.

Containment tarps come in different fabrics including nylon, canvas, and vinyl.

Tarps Now® Airbag Containment Tarps are silicone-coated and is highly impermeable. If you’re looking for extremely light-weight and easy to maneuver, then Flame Retardant Airbag Containment Tarps is the best choice. As these tarps are treated to reflect away ultraviolet rays, they are best fit for protecting worksites from sun damage.

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Waterproof & Water Resistant

In tarpaulin world, water resistance and waterproof are two different entities. Water resistant tarps do not necessarily keep the equipment dry indefinitely whereas waterproof tarps go through specific treatment or coating to become more water repellant. Nylon and polyester are the more common materials in water resistance.

Most tarp materials have waterproof capabilities. However, canvas tarps provide the highest level of water resistance. They are also designed for breathability and strength. Waterproof Vinyl tarps are also a popular category and are mostly preferred for industrial purposes.

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Other Applications

There are several tarps applications. For example, if you’re looking for an outside barbecue cover, try an 18 oz Vinyl Coated Polyester Box Cover. For camping or roofing, you can go for Canvas Rhino-tex tarps and medium-duty poly tarps as they are water-repellent, UV resistant and breathable. Poly tarps are both strong and easy to handle which is why they are popular in boating

Choosing The Right Material

Once you know defined the purpose, it’s good to understand the fabric of each tarp.

  • Poly Tarps:

    Poly tarps are made of polyethylene. They are normally UV coated and will not easily stretch or tear. They are best fit for temporary covers and are naturally waterproof.

  • Canvas Tarps:

    Canvas tarps are usually made of heavy-duty cotton material or hemp. It is not normally treated for UV protection. It comes in two different types - Plain and duck (untreated cotton). Tarps Now Duck Canvas Tarps are made with premium brass tie-down grommets, and they’re double stitched with rot-resistant thread for maximum performance. This is because they find maximum application as dust protection tarps, equipment covers, and mural canvas.

  • Vinyl Tarps:

    Vinyl tarps are built for heavy-duty uses. They are durable and possess superior tear resistant. Our vinyl tarps selection ranges from flame retardant vinyl tarps, vinyl coated tarps, heavy duty, and custom vinyl tarps. They are resistant to liquids including oil and grease.

  • Mesh Tarps:

    Our Mesh Shade Tarps and Covers are made from top-quality vinyl, polyethylene or polyester which make them perfect for sunshade canopies. Mesh tarps are ideal for mesh windscreens, mesh truck tarps for trailers or shade coverings, windscreens, patio shade, horticulture and outdoor pool covers.

  • Neoprene Coated Nylon Covers:

    These are corrosion resistant due to their intense ability to withstand different types of chemicals, acids, and corrosive fluids.

  • PVC Sheets:

    PolyVinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most popular plastics in the world. It’s economical, versatile and known for its diverse applications including construction, welding curtains, floor coverings, and automobile

What are the other main tarp features to consider

Density and thickness of a tarp is another deciding factor in choosing the right tarp. Its best to understand about the mil, weave count, denier, grommets spacing, rope reinforcement make up to learn about the quality of the tarp.

A mil (thickness of the tarp) is a unit of length equal to 0.001 of an inch (0.0254 mm). It is used to measure the thickness of tarps. Thicker the tarp better is the quality.

1 denier = 1 gram per 9000 meters. Normally the higher the denier count, the higher the quality of the tarp’s fabric mesh.

Grommets are metal rings lining a small hole at the edge of a tarp for the attachment of cords or bungees to the tarp. Ideal grommet spacing between grommets can range from 18 to 36 inches depending on the tarp application.

Reinforcement is another quality which is found around the perimeter to keep the tarp stronger.

The Impact Of Colors

Colors play a huge role in the usage of tarps. For example - Black and Silver tarps offer more cooling and shade while white tarps allow some amount of light to enter. Silver tarps are mostly used for wedding receptions and dining canopies.

Black tarps provide extended life in sunlight as it absorbs heat.

If you’re looking for brightly colored tarps that provides great visibility then you can go for orange, red and yellow tarps.

Camouflage, blue, green, brown and other earth tone colors are used mostly preferred for general construction and landscape. Blue is generally considered as all-purpose tarp because it is the lightest duty tarp.

Clear tarps are mostly used for greenhouses where you need a lot of light


We have been in the business for decades. This gives us extensive knowledge about the different types of tarps and what will work best for your use case.

The lifetime of tarps depends on your purpose and the tarps material. For example: When compared to polypropylene tarps, 18 oz vinyl tarps last 15 to 30 times longer. This is because poly tarps do not last longer than canvas, nylon or vinyl. Get in touch with our tarp experts to help you choose the right tarp for you.

The key is to never store your tarps while it’s still wet. Storing it cool, clean and dry will add up to the tarp’s lifetime. There are several ways to store your tarp. But before that, rinse your tarp thoroughly using a tarp detergent/cleaner. Once the tarp is dried completely you can follow some of the quick storage ways like tool box or stack it up in ammo and store them in your basement floor joists, tarp storage racks or garage rafters.

Looking for a waterproof tarp or fire resistant tarp? We have the perfect choice that suits your industrial needs. All our tarps are built with high quality materials. In the past few decades that we have been in operation, we are yet to have any big customer complaints!

Tarps Now® has a fast delivery process. We have a huge inventory which allows us to ship the products out as fast as possible along with a free shipping policy.

Tarps Now® only provides factory pricing which guarantees that you will get the the lowest price available for all tarps available on the website.