• The Versatility of Drop Cloths beyond Painting

    Great for all sorts of painting jobs, Drop Cloths are a versatile cover providing protection for many residential, commercial, services, and manufacturing applications. The material is made from tightly woven natural untreated 100 percent cotton fibers. This creates an extremely strong yet fairly lightweight (10 oz. per sq. yd) and easy to handle material.

    Drop Cloths Uses for Drop Cloths Beyond Painting


    Valuable Protection

    Because of the cotton fabric and weave, Drop Cloths allow a tremendous amount of breathability underneath the covers to eliminate the presence of condensation. This eliminates the damage that can be caused by the moisture buildup. Drop Cloths are great to cover furniture, art, cars, boats, tractors, equipment, and supplies. Whether in the house, attic, basement, garage, office, shed, warehouse, or plant they provide temporary or long-term protection against dust, dirt, people, pets, pests, and other debris.

    Being strong and lightweight, Drop Cloths are a perfect solution for landscaping and yard maintenance. They can find use in dragging tree trimmings and lawn cuttings easily across the yard or field. The covers can also be administered as a large and rather effective spread for the beach or park. Easy to shake out and effortless to pack up and carry.


    Painting Too

    We cannot neglect the most popular usage of Drop Cloths. They are, of course, a valuable and absolutely necessary item for any painting job big or small. The covers protect furniture, floors, and structures from paint and stain drips, splatters, and spills. The weave construction of the canvas fabric helps absorb the paint not allowing it to bleed through on to what is below. These are both time and cost effective in cutting down on the clean-up.


    An Assortment of Sizes

    Whether you are covering your valuable possessions in storage or protecting them during a painting job Drop Cloths are available in a wide selection of sizes. As small as 4’ X 12 on up to 40’ X 60’, coverage is not an issue with the versatility in effectiveness and dimensions. They are machine washable and durable to last for a long long time.

    Tarps Now has the widest selection of Drop Cloth Tarps for Sales. Contact us today and we will help find the right sizes for your needs.

  • Choose The Right Tarp

    With all of the options available, choosing the right tarp and material can be hard. You might ask, isn’t a tarp a tarp? Not exactly. The wide selection of materials and features serve a purpose from a wide range of uses to a single task. We will try and relay a little information to help you Choose The Right Tarp for the job.

    A tarp or tarpaulin is a large sheet of material made of canvas, vinyl, polyethylene, or mesh. These covers all come in a wide range of thicknesses, grades, sizes, and colors. In addition, there are many specialty capabilities such as being waterproof and fire retardant.

    The first question to ask yourself when you want to choose the right tarp is: what are your primary needs in using a tarp? Below are the major tarp materials and their main uses.


    Canvas Tarps

    Canvas Tarps are crafted from premium canvas cotton duck material that is breathable and extremely durable and very strong. They come with double folded sewn hems and fitted with brass grommets for secure tie downs. Canvas tarps uses include manufacturing, welding, warehousing, construction, salvage, painting, landscaping, trucking, boating, and farming. A wide range of material choices are available such as waterproof, treated, untreated, and fire retardant capabilities. Canvas covers come in many grades, weights, colors, and sizes that include custom options.


    Vinyl Tarps

    A popular and very versatile cover, vinyl tarps are used in almost every type of light, medium, heavy duty, and super heavy duty use. Delivering superior protection, they hold up well against tears, abrasion, liquids, oil, grease, acid, mildew, and UV rays. Vinyl tarps come in a number of specialty products such as waterproof, clear, coated, fire retardant, anti-static, neoprene, Hypalon, awning/canopy, and movie screens. The covers come in a wide range of thicknesses, weights, grades, colors, and sizes including customizable capabilities. Vinyl tarps are ideal for uses in industry, warehousing, trucking, construction, oil rigs, boatyards, farming, and around the house.


    Poly Tarps

    With the most uses and have some of the best value for the cost, poly tarps offer great protection. They are waterproof and easy to handle. These will resist rips, tears, mildew, and UV rays. Poly tarps come in a number of thickness, grades, colors, and sizes. Custom options are available to meet any size. Features include string reinforcing, fire retardant, and camouflage. From super lightweight to super heavy duty, poly tarps are great for manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and home applications.


    Mesh Tarps

    When looking for a tarp that will create shade, privacy, and protection; mesh tarps, shade tarps, and windscreens are lightweight yet strong having a number of uses. They function as premium privacy screen shade to pool covers to heavy duty tasks in construction, trucking, and manufacturing, landscaping, and nursery jobs. Mesh tarps come in a number of shade factors, weights, colors, and sizes including custom options to meet any fit.


    Let Tarps Now help you Choose The Right Tarp for the job

    No matter what your needs are or questions you may have to choose the right tarp, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact Tarps Now to speak with a customer service team member. We can be reached by calling 888.800.1383 or emailing sales@tarpsnow.com.

  • Porch Curtains and Industrial Curtains for every Situation

    Hanging some fabric will go a long way in your home, operation, or business. The right Curtains do provide protection, warmth, safety, efficiency, and even save you money. These are made from materials such as Vinyl, Clear Vinyl, Canvas, Poly, and Mesh. Industrial Curtains, Divider Curtains, and Porch Curtains come in many sizes, colors, and weights to deliver results.


    Clear Vinyl Porch Curtains for Home and Business UseClear Vinyl Curtains

    Clear Vinyl Porch Curtains have a wide variety of benefits including longer use of your porch area. The changing seasons and cold weather do not have to stop you from enjoying the outdoors in these living areas. Hanging Clear Porch Curtains will allow you to relax on your porch, patio, or deck during the winter months. A roll-up porch curtain is just the item to extend the outside inside. They will help keep the heat inside the covers and guard you from the elements outside.

    Most Clear Vinyl Curtains are simple to install and take down just as easy. Therefore, they are ready to put up as soon as the weather turns cooler and taken down when the temperatures become warmer. These curtains are easy to store. Three popular rolling styles are available for the best use in your place including manual rolling, cord and pully, and roller track. The Clear Vinyl Curtains are available in standard sizes. More importantly, there are custom options for any home, cabin, or restaurant and bar with outside areas.


    Industrial Curtains and Divider Curtains for any Industrial, Commercial, and Warehouse

    The benefits of Industrial Curtains and Divider Curtains are great for installation in facilities and spaces from manufacturing plants to auto body shops to warehouses. These are made of heavy duty industrial strength vinyl material. Divider Curtains provide privacy and allow the ability to create different spaces. This includes temperature-controlled zones delivering flexibility and energy benefits. They also can prevent the spread of dust, smoke, weld spatter, paint, water, and other debris depending on the material and set-up.

    Industrial Curtains

    Industrial grade curtains and dividers are strong, durable, and waterproof. In addition, these are tear, abrasion, grease, and oil resistant. Flame Retardant material options are available that meet fire rating standards including NFPA 701, initial CPAI-84 and the ASTM E 84 Class A for applications that include welding operations. All curtains are offered in a number of set ups such as walk draw, top roll, fold up, and roll up. Full roller track systems are available for Industrial and Divider Curtains with 16-gauge roller tracking and trolley wheel options manufactured with galvanized steel.


    Your One Stop for Any Curtain

    Tarps Now has a complete line of Industrial Curtains, Divider Curtain, and Porch Curtains. They are ideal for many business, industrial, or residential settings. Because most situations require specific dimensions, we offer custom curtains to match any of your needs and layouts. Contact our experienced team of curtain and tarp representatives at sales@tarpsnow.com or 888.800.1383 to learn more about our products or to order your items

  • One of the most important tools for a painting job, Drop Cloths/Painter Tarps

    For painting professionals as well as many of those that are just putting on a fresh coat of paint on the walls of a room in their place, canvas duck fabric Drop Cloths / Painter Tarps are a great tool to help protect furnishings, structures, and floors from the consequences of spilling and splattering paint, stain, and other decorative materials.

    Those that utilize canvas Drop Cloths realize how cost effective and efficient these make things. The covers help cut down on the clean-up time after the painting is complete along with helping maintain an overall clean work space. They work well covering items whether the painting is indoors or outside. The Drop Cloths are light and easily maneuverable yet heavy enough to stay in place.

    Tarps Now Drop Cloths/Painters Tarps

    Effective and Productive Fabric

    The Drop Cloths and Painter Tarps that Tarps Now provides are crafted from 10-ounce canvas. This duck fabric is 100 percent cotton and naturally white in color. The material's tight weave provides an incredible amount of material strength. The active protection is avaialble by absorbing the paint and not allowing it to bleed through. For added durability, the hems are folded and doubled-stitched with heavy duty thread that resistsrotting. In addition, the fabric is incredibly resilient allowing for continual machine washing and reuse.

    Drop Cloths are available in a variety of convenient and sensible sizes from 4’ X 12’ up to 40’ X 60’ and larger to cover the biggest of areas. Besides painting jobs, these tarps are great for many useful tasks. This includes providing dust protection for furniture and structures, covering cars and boats in storage, and dragging lawn and bush clippings around the yard. The weave construction of the canvas fabric generates breathability of the material helping the protected items remain dry underneath. Along with being lightweight yet strong, they accommodate manual jobs. There are countless other productive and creative uses for Drop Cloths.

    When you are getting ready to paint or need an effective cover for your personal or residential items, contact Tarps now. Do so by emailing us at sales@tarpsnow.com or calling 888.800.1383 to speak with one our experienced team members about Drop Cloths / Painters Tarps.


  • Boxing Ring Covers and other Sporting Mats

    Watching a boxing match or two you may have heard a phrase similar to “he hit the canvas” or “out before he hit the canvas.” Why is the flooring called this? Well, the surfaces, the Boxing Ring Covers are actually traditionally made of canvas. Other materials such as vinyl now find use in many sporting applications.

    Whether it is for a Boxing Ring (actually a rectangle); an MMA (mixed martial arts) round, square, rectangle, hexagon, or octagon; Wrestling mats; or Martial Arts mat covers; a complete line of professional grade material is available in a variety of sizes and colors for these sports.

    These covers are great for both the “main events” and in the gym for constant workouts. Quality canvas and vinyl covers and mats are strong, durable, and safe containing high end fabric.

    Boxing Ring Covers

    Canvas Covers

    Many sport facilities choose Canvas Boxing Ring Covers for its top of the line materials. Canvas is a little less slippery than other materials adding more safety. The natural fiber look and construction delivers durable wear with lightning quick action. Heavy-duty grommets have equal spacing within the perimeter to help tied down the covers properly. Cutouts with hooks and loops are an option to fit around the vertical posts of the ring.


    Vinyl Covers

    The smooth surface of the heavy-duty Vinyl Covers is made with a vinyl-coated polyester providing an environment that is easy to clean, sanitize, and maintain. The seams have a heat-seal and double needle lock technique adding an extra layer of strength to take pounding after pounding always staying on its feet for a long and productive product life.


    Tarps Now is in Your Corner

    Whatever sport you are involved in whether it is Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts, Wrestling, or some combination of these in your gym, fitness center, or arena, Tarps Now has a wide range of materials, sizes, shapes, and colors in Boxing Ring Covers to best suit the training and main events that you present.

    Call us today at (888) 800-1383 or email us at sales@tarpsnow.com to speak with a championship customer service cornerman to find the best match for your Boxing Ring Covers and Sporting Mats.

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