• The Complete Buyer's Guide to Fence Windscreen

    Chainlink is a cost-effective way to separate areas for sports and other uses. It's nearly invisible at a distance and acts as an effective barrier. Unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous climbing nuisance, trip hazard, or collision hazard.

    Sports organizations recommend the use of opaque windscreen in official play. But why?

    A fence windscreen offers privacy and protection from the wind while guarding against the mentioned hazards. Windscreen also provides extra coverage on your chainlink fence. This helps increase visibility, blocks the wind, and looks good.

    Read on to learn more about selecting the right windscreen for your fence.

    Windscreens Make Fences Safer

    Few things frustrate players more than poor playing conditions. Wind gusts and distractions affect ball performance.

    Correctly placed fence windscreens minimize gusts and provide a better play experience. Did you know they also increase safety?

    Chain link fences are easily climbable. They provide plenty of foot and handholds for an agile child or adult. A fence windscreen limits the depth of a finger or handhold to discourage people from going up or over your fence.

    Sports windscreens create a visual and physical barrier between an athlete and the fence to prevent collision injuries. Additionally, they're colored to contrast with the ball. This gives athletes a better idea of speed and distance.

    Fence Windscreens for Privacy

    Chain link fences are inexpensive and quick to install. They work well to partition space but don't work well for privacy. Your awkward backstroke in the pool or embarrassing serve on the tennis court is on full display.

    With the right materials, your privacy is protected.

    Opaque screens also block the sun's harmful UV rays, providing shelter from the heat when needed. This protects playing surfaces as well as players. Who hasn't actively chased the shade on a hot day?

    Choose the Right Fence Windscreen

    Material for screens comes in a wide variety of solid colors, pictures, text or logos. Screens can be semi-translucent to opaque. You can have large or small mesh for wind blockage and UV protection.

    Depending on your materials, you can expect them to last anywhere from two to five years.

    Materials from most expensive and durable to least include:

    • 100% opaque vinyl-coated polyester
    • Dip-coated vinyl mesh
    • Extrusion-coated vinyl polyester mesh
    • Polyethelyne
    • Polypropylene

    There are many other factors you need to consider when selecting your windscreen.

    Think about what color you prefer. Standard colors for materials include black, blue or green. Other colors are available in solid vinyl or vinyl coated polyester mesh.

    If you need to print advertising or logos, vinyl coated products (mesh and solid) are the only ones that allow for printing.

    Final Thoughts

    Fence windscreen comes in several options. Select how much wind blockage, privacy, and durability you need.

    At TarpsNow, we have many choices available. Keep reading our blog to learn more about materials, or contact us with any questions you may have. Our helpful experts will be happy to guide you.

  • Baseball Field Maintenance: What Does It Consist Of?

    If you're in charge of maintaining a baseball field, you likely strive for that verdant, pristine grass that is the envy of players and coaches alike.

    But, that isn't where the work stops. How you mow, manage the dirt in the infield, and even how you water the field or all factors to keep in mind when performing baseball field maintenance.

    While this may seem complicated at first, all it takes is a little know-how to set yourself on the path toward an outstanding field. Not sure where to start? We've got you covered.

    Here's what you need to keep in mind.

    Rake After Use

    After a game or practice, chances are that your field is going to be in worse condition than when it started. But, this damage is often reversible through the proper methods.

    And, the solution is quite simple. By slowly raking and dragging the dirt in the infield, you'll be able to smooth it out and create more even ground. Low points in the dirt should be filled in so that puddles are less likely to form.

    Never Use Wet Fields

    Many of us have been in a situation where unfavorable weather conditions cause issues when playing sports. As tempting as it may be to still hold your practice or game while the fields are wet, it's strongly inadvisable to do so.

    When the grass is wet, cleats will dig into the ground deeper than normal and are more likely to tear up the weaker areas of the field that are saturated with water. Similarly, the infield dirt will be displaced from running and cutting.

    In addition to ruining the integrity of the field, this will also increase the chance of injury for the players. Therefore, playing in these conditions should be avoided at all costs.

    One of the best ways to prevent a field from being affected by poor weather is to invest in a quality waterproof tarp that will keep it dry.

    Watch Your Water

    It can be easy to look at a pristine baseball field and think to yourself that you can achieve it through a simple watering schedule. While watering is an integral part of making the field look exceptional, it can also hurt the field if done too often.

    When you water your fields too frequently, the grass has no reason to extend its roots down into the soil to look for moisture. This results in a weak, easily torn field that is not fit for competitive play.

    Rather than water every day, less frequent, longer periods of watering that allows the water to go deep into the grass is more favorable for the integrity of the field.

    Keep an Eye Out

    Field maintenance isn't limited to the grass and the dirt. Fences with broken links, leaky pipes in bathrooms, and damaged dugout benches are just a few of the other field maintenance factors you need to keep track of.

    You can have the most visually appealing appeal in the world, but if the surrounding area is unkempt, it won't make a difference!

    Baseball Field Maintenance Is Easier Than You Think

    Baseball field maintenance takes proper planning and execution. Then, you'll be able to enjoy playing on a quality field that looks just as good.

    Interested in other ways to keep your field looking great? Check out our catalog of covers for home plates and pitcher's mounds.

  • Welcome to the Tarps Now Blog!!


    Welcome to the Tarps Now Blog!

  • Solve Industrial Problems with Tarps Now Industrial Curtains

    Industrial Curtains for Warehouse Interior of big empty storehouse

    Partitioning a large plant or warehouse is an important part of creating an efficient, manageable workspace. Creating physical barriers offers a wide range of benefits, from sound dampening to improved safety. You have numerous options at your disposal when it comes to dividing your facility, and while permanent walls do indeed provide a solid solution, they’re considerably less flexible when compared with industrial curtains.

    A Dynamic Solution for Your Workplace

    Where the construction of permanent walls can often be a costly and time-consuming process, industrial curtains are generally much easier and more affordable to install. They offer an ideal level of privacy and physical separation with the added advantage of dynamic flexibility. Curtains are mounted on steel roller tracks, allowing for partitions to be removed and replaced quickly and easily.

    Additionally, these curtain tracks are available in a variety of configurations to suit any facility’s needs. Choose from straight single-partition tracks, two-, three-, and four-sided setups, or even establish multiple workstations within one large open area. The curtains themselves can be taken down and re-hung as required, making this solution one of the most versatile available.

    Heavy-Duty and Durable

    In spite of their more flexible nature, industrial curtains remain durable and tough enough to withstand many of the most common environmental hazards and byproducts of factory-style work. Consider the following potential uses:

    • Aircraft hangers and facilities
    • Automotive manufacturing, repair, or painting
    • Climate-controlled storage facilities
    • Factories and manufacturing plants
    • Hazardous material control
    • Sandblasting and spray painting work
    • Warehouses and stock facilities
    • Woodworking and other craftsman activities

    Industrial curtains make it possible to contain airborne contaminants which occur regularly in these types of environments, creating defined areas which improve working conditions throughout a facility.

    Other Notable Benefits

    While many applications are traditionally found in industrial environments, these types of curtains are a viable solution for a wide range of needs. Schools, restaurants, and retail establishments are all examples of non-industrial entities which can derive several key benefits of industrial curtains:

    • Confining dust, mist, smoke or sparks
    • Limiting temperature loss or gain
    • Containing humidity
    • Reducing transfer of light, noise, and odors

    When factoring in the relative ease of use and installation, it’s plain to see that industrial curtains are a powerful solution for managing any large space. You can read all about dividers and curtains that’ll help you get control of your facility by following this link. To find out more, contact TarpsNow today at 888.800.1383 and let us help design a solution that’s right for your location.

  • Construction Tarps 101: Why Invest in Construction Tarps and Covers

    Construction Tarp Covering your construction projects

    Managing a construction site can be a big challenge. In addition to executing the project itself, attention must be given to safety, asset protection, and a number of other concerns. An effective way to address several of these needs is to invest in a quality tarp cover for your job site. Commonly known as scaffolding tarps, weather protection tarps, or construction tarps, these durable covers are made to protect your materials from the threats of wind, rain, and other weather conditions.

    Construction Tarps and Covers - The Basics

    Tarp covers are designed to provide protection during the construction process, building enclosure tarps lock out the elements which threaten to derail progress and compromise materials. They’re made from high-performance polyethylene or vinyl materials for durability, and what’s more, you can find a tarp cover with features to meet just about any specialized needs:

    • Fire retardant properties
    • Protection against ultraviolet rays
    • Resistance to mildew
    • String-based reinforcement

    A wide variety of different styles are available with varying thicknesses, colors, meshes, and denier counts. Each tarp cover offered by Tarps Now features internal stitching, reinforced corners, plus grommets positioned at all edges and seams to ensure a safe, solid hold to your structure in any conditions. They function well in hot or cold weather, feature strengthened eyelet bands, and are fully reusable.

    Other Common Needs

    The value of construction tarps is not limited solely to protecting the buildings themselves. By cutting down the exposure to wind and elements at high elevation, worker safety is enhanced greatly. Similarly, a good tarp cover will prevent construction debris from escaping the job site and compromising public safety. Privacy can also be attained without sacrificing entry of natural light, making for an optimal work environment.

    Tarps Now also specializes in a range of additional covers and products to keep your job site safe and your investments protected:

    • Knitted polyethylene safety netting to promote worker safety
    • Fence screens providing 86-92 percent shade for privacy at the perimeter
    • High-density debris netting for job site safety with optimum airflow
    • Equipment covers designed to protect large machines from elemental exposure

    Tarps and protective covers are among the best ways to protect your investments, from heavy machinery to building materials. A tarp cover can also spare you lost productivity and greatly reduce the potential for injuries to workers or those passing by the construction site.

    Contact Tarps Now today for more information about securing your location. You can review our product selection online anytime. For custom orders or general assistance, send us a message through our web form or give us a call at 888.800.1383 and let us help you devise an effective plan for your job site.

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