Tennis Court Covers

Tennis Court Covers

Tennis Court Covers provide a stylish and cost-effective way to protect your tennis court surfaces. Tarps Now offers these covers that are the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor tennis and pickleball courts that require a clean, dry, and slip free surface that reduces the potential for injury during play.

Our Tennis Court Coverings are crafted from heat-treated and reinforced vinyl allowing them to be extremely durable, strong, and long lasting. They are resistant to UV Rays, moisture, mildew, deterioration, abrasion, and tearing. Tarps Now Tennis Courts Covers to stand the test of time of intense play and the ravages of spectator traffic.

Available in a spectrum of colors in a variety of standard and custom sizes to match your court configurations including cut-outs and patches to fit around posts, columns, and other facility structures.

Tennis and Pickleball Court Covers

Suitable to use for almost any Tennis Court and Pickleball Court application, Tarps Now Tennis Court Covers are seamless and smooth helping players avoid slip and trip injuries while covering your Tennis Courts. No matter the size or shape of your gym or courts, Our covers provide a smooth, sturdy, professional and safe finish at an affordable price.

Tennis Court Coverings will not interfere with any of the game action when not in use as they easily roll up. These coverings are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, ultra-violet rays, rain, variable temperatures and non-sports related spectator traffic. In short, Tarps Now Tennis Court Covers will make it easy for you to protect your tennis and pickle ball court surfaces for many years to come.

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