Ice Rink

Ice Rink Tarps & Covers

There are many incredible things that can only be done on ice. Ice skating, hockey and ice dancing are all hugely popular activities that occur at an ice arena. These things all have one thing in common: they cause damage to the ice. When you own an ice arena, protecting that arena from damage should be chief among your concerns. We offer a selection of items to help protect multiple parts of your arena from damage or decay.

Arctic Rink Liners are great for any ice rink. These are durable, puncture resistant liners that protect the ice from damage or destruction. They also resist against chemicals and salts in order to ensure the safest skating possible. These are great for professional arenas, as well as creating your own backyard ice rink. No matter what your location, an Arctic rink liner may be the right choice for you. We also offer stadium & arena seat covers to totally protect your arena from damage. They protect the seats from harm when they are not in use, in order to ensure they last longer and remain comfortable. They are also great for closing off sections of seating for events and creating smaller seating areas. They even make your arena look more polished and professional. No matter how you want to protect your ice arena, we can help. With our selection, you can’t go wrong.

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