Baseball Mound and Home Plate Covers

Baseball Mound and Home Plate Covers

Baseball Mound and Home Plate Covers

Keep your baseball or softball field protected from the elements with standard and weighted tarps to cover the pitcher’s mound, home plate, and bases. Choose from an assortment of American-made tarps based on the dimensions of the pitcher’s mound on your field. We also offer field tarps that cover the entire infield. Save time and money by keeping your field covered to limit the need for field maintenance.

Pitching Mound Tarp Covers

No matter the size of your baseball mound, Tarps Now has the perfect cover. Choose from standard vinyl tarps that feature brass grommets around the edge for tying or staking down or weighted vinyl tarps that feature a galvanized steel chain sewn into the perimeter for anchoring. Weighted tarps have been field-tested to withstand winds up to 65 MPH.

Major League RainGuard Pitcher’s Mound Tarps

At Tarps Now, we offer major league mound tarps made from high-quality 18 oz vinyl at 20 mil thickness. These heavy-duty RainGuard tarps include a two-year prorated warranty against UV breakdown. Get the maximum protection for your baseball mound with a Major League tarp. Tarps Now mound tarps are available in 14 color choices and they can be custom-printed with your team name, logo, or mascot.

Big League RainGuard Pitcher’s Mound Tarps

Get quality, cost-effective mound protection with a Big League mound cover. These pitcher’s mound tarps are made from 6 oz reinforced polyethylene at 12 mil thickness. The top of the tarp is silver and the bottom is black. They offer a high ratio of weight to strength for superb protection.

What Size Mound Cover Should I Get?

Pitcher’s mounds in regulation MLB stadiums, Minor League Baseball stadiums, colleges, and high schools have an 18’ diameter. Little League fields have a 10’ diameter pitching mound.

You will also need tarps to protect and cover home plate and the bases. Major League stadiums have a 26’ diameter circle around home plate and a 26’ diameter circle around each base. Minor League stadiums, colleges, and high schools have these same measurements. On Little League Baseball fields, there is a 20’ diameter circle around home plate and each base has an 18’ diameter circle around it.

In addition to MLB standard 18’ diameter mound covers, we sell tarps from 10’ in diameter to 30’ in diameter. Choose from our selection to find the right size tarp to protect Little League mounds and bases through Major League mounds and bases. Take advantage of our bulk discount pricing when ordering two or more tarps!

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Tarps Now Mound Covers, Home Plate Covers, and Base Tarps

Mound Covers, Home Plate Covers, and Base Tarps can be purchased in a spectrum of colors to match your baseaball team’s brand or stadium’s theme. In addition, these can have your team name, sponsor logo, or any other graphic printed through hand-painting or digital options.

The standard dimensions available include: 10’ X 10’ for base covers, either a 26’ or 30’ diameter for home plate covers, and a 20’ diameter for the pitching mound. Customized dimension options are also available. These let players at any level from professional stadiums to little league fields enjoy the benefits of a mound covers and base tarps to manage the moisture levels of the infield. A durable and appealing tarp for your baseball field is a great investment that will last for years.

We provide the largest selection of mound covers and base tarps around. All of our baseball mound and rain tarps are made in the United States with highest quality materials. Contact Tarps Now to find out more about the best baseball tarps around!

WEIGHTED SPOT COVERS Our domestically made Weighted Mound/Spot covers are made wind proof. No need for sand bags or stakes with these weighted covers. The perimeter is filled with Galvanized Steel chain sewn right into the tarps edging. These are quick and easy to deploy, perfect for all field conditions. Add a team logo or name for a professional look.

MAJOR LEAGUE The Major League Rain Guards are 18 oz. covers made of high quality vinyl. These covers are heavy duty for maximum protection coming in your choice of 14 colors. They are made in the USA from only quality materials, making them superior to the cheap import options.

BIG LEAGUE The Big League Rain Guards are 6 oz. covers. They are made of reinforced polyethylene that is silver/black. These covers have a high ratio of weight to strength for superb protection. The covers are made from high quality materials in the USA.

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