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Bleacher Seat Coverings

Stadium Seat Covers | Arena Seat Covers | Bleacher Seat Covers

Maintaining an outdoor stadium is a tough job – you need to maintain an inviting, clean, and comfortable facility while all the while battling with the elements and catering to each event properly.  One of the best ways to help manage your stadium is to install Tarps Now Stadium & Arena Seating Covers.

Tarps Now Seat Covers can be made from a variety of heavy duty industrial fabrics and can protect the seats from rain, sun, and snow all year round.  Tarps Now Seat Covers can help give the illusion of a full house, contributing to the aesthetics of the arena.

Tarps Now Bleacher Seat Covers are often also used for crowd control, blocking access to certain areas of seating. This allows you to adapt your seating cover area to fit the size of your individual events. In addition, you can save on maintenance by protecting certain areas of seating and excess seating from spectators and from the elements. Stadium seat covers can potentially offer a source of revenue as well – customize your seat cover by adding a sponsor or advertiser’s logo. Tarps Now Seat Covers are custom made to fit your venue perfectly and to give you many different options for seat availability. 

Tarps Now Seat Covers are also available in a range of colors and fabrics to best suit your needs. Please  Contact Us page for questions and quotes.  We're happy to help you!

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