Salvage Tarps


Salvage Tarps and Covers are a key piece of equipment for firefighters engaged in salvage operations. Our sturdy Salvage Tarps, covers and runners will protect property from water and weather damage during these vital undertakings. Salvage Tarps are ideal for protecting furniture, equipment and other valuables. Firefighters can place them over any item they wish to shield. In larger sizes, Salvage Tarps can also be used to cover openings in buildings caused by the destruction of fire or other events. Some Salvage Tarps include grommets along the edges of the tarps, and they can be secured in place with ropes or other fastenings. Runners are made to cover ingress and egress areas, protecting floors and carpeting from water, dirt and the foot traffic of emergency workers. In addition to these basic and useful applications, firefighters use Salvage Tarps to construct water chutes and catchalls to further preserve property and evidence during an emergency salvage.

We offer both vinyl and canvas Salvage Tarps, covers and runners. Both materials are flame retardant, an essential feature in smoldering environments. Vinyl Salvage Tarps are waterproof and can be wiped clean. They are extremely strong, are resistant to tearing and come in a variety of colors, some highly visible. Canvas Salvage Tarps are made from heavy-duty duck material and are water resistant. All our Salvage Tarps, covers and tarps come in a various sizes and are manufactured in the USA!

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