Salvage Covers and Tarps

Salvage Covers are utilized by firefighters to keep property such as furniture protected from both water damage and severe weather. They are used with floor runners, which keep floors, carpets, and rugs in the area safe from suffering damage. Our salvage covers and floor runners are both water resistant and fire retardant. They are Made in the USA.

Vinyl Salvage Covers

Vinyl Salvage Covers are made with 13 oz of vinyl laminated polyester that is flame retardant. They are superior in resisting wear along while being completely waterproof. These covers can be wiped clean. Vinyl salvage covers are Class A Flame Standard meeting the requirements of the California State Fire Marshall, UL-214 Classified, ASTM-E-84.

Canvas Salvage Tarps Covers

The Canvas Salvage Covers are manufactured using 18 oz of flame retardant, heavy-duty canvas duck material. They are also treated using a finish that is resistant to water and flames. Canvas salvage covers meet the requirements of the CPAI Section 6, fire requirements.

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