Fire Retardant Fabric by the Yard and Roll

Fire retardant fabric (also known as fireproof or fire resistant fabric) can be used to enhance safety in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These fabrics are treated to resist fire more than others, making them a good choice for use in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other environments where such hazards may occur. They are also a fine option if you need materials to meet very specific local, state, and federal fire marshal requirements. Our fire retardant fabrics are able to meet California State Fire Marshal, CPAI Section 6, NFPA 701 (large scale), UL-214 Classified, and ASTM-E-84, as well as most military specs

Along with fire resistance, these fabrics can also offer protection from other elements such as UV and mildew. They’re available in multiple sizes and colors based on your preferences. If a standard size doesn’t satisfy your needs, we also product fire retardant fabrics in custom dimensions. Contact us with questions or to begin your order.

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    30 Mil Clear Vinyl Fabric 61" x 35-Yard Roll
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