Fire Retardant Clear Vinyl PVC Tarps

Clear Flame Resistant Vinyl PVC Tarps

Fire Retardant Clear View Vinyl PVC Tarps 20 mil./18 oz. and highly  resistant to fire. Tarps Now Flame Resistant Clear View Vinyl PVC Tarps can be used as curtains for coverage of your structures that includes flame retardant tarp material which makes them ideal for protection in an area where fire damage to the structure, materials, or products need to be covered. 

Tarps Now Clear Fire Resistant Vinyl PVC Tarps and curtains are created with high quality, reinforced hems. The hems are made from 2 inches of white polypropylene webbing, and they contain brass grommets that are spaced along the hem every 24 inches. Polypropylene is a material that is extremely strong and inexpensive, making it useful in a wide variety of industries. Tarps Now Clear View Flame Retardant Vinyl PVC Tarps are manufactured in the U.S.A.

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