What are the Best uses for Fire Retardant Tarps?

Fire retardant tarps are made of special materials that can help provide fire resistant protection. They are commonly used in construction, industrial, welding, fabrication, and manufacturing industries. In this article, we will discuss what Fire Retardant Tarps are made of, the different products available, and what their various uses are. Stay safe and protect your property, materials, areas, and people with fire retardant tarps.

Fire Retardant Tarps are made of a variety of different materials, including fiberglass, vinyl, canvas, mesh, and polyethylene. These tarp materials are treated with chemicals that make them resistant to fire. One of the more common types of fire retardant tarps are Fiberglass Tarps and Fiberglass Welding Blankets. These are protective covers that are fairly lightweight and easy to handle, making them ideal for use in a wide variety of projects.

Vinyl Tarps are another popular type of Fire Retardant Tarp. Vinyl Fire Retardant Tarps are more versatile than fiberglass tarps and can provide additional protection against the elements. They are often used as ground covers or to protect machinery from sparks during welding projects. Canvas Fire Retardant Tarps are also another heavy duty type of fire retardant protection used in a spectrum of settings. Polyethylene Fire Retardant Tarps are adaptable covers that create protection against many hazards including UV rays, rain, snow, wind, and debris.

There are a number of different uses for Fire Retardant Tarps. They are versatile products that also provide additional valuable protection including being waterproof or water resistant, UV ray resistant, and mildew resistant. We will show the variety and protective benefits that Fire Retardant Tarps provide to projects, operations, and areas, people, and structures.

What exactly does Fire Retardant Mean?

Fire Retardant rated Tarps, Blankets, and Fabric are made of fabrics such fabrics that include vinyl, fiberglass, canvas, mesh, canvas, and polyethylene. These are covered with chemical treatments that help protect against the combustion of these covers. They do not resist fire, these covers are not fireproof. Fire Retardant Tarps are treated to slow the burn and self-extinguish, they will not completely melt or disintegrate when they do encounter flames and will not energize the fire or combust.

When you are working with fire or operations that have the risk of generating sparks such as welding functions, it is vital to make sure that the sparks do not spread and create damage. These protective covers help protect people, areas, and materials for a wide variety of tasks from the mentioned welding to other industrial jobs along with other projects where flames are present including grilling and smokers on your back deck to bonfires and leaf burning in your backyard.

Fire Retardant Tarps are required to meet certain specifications to state and show that they are fire retardant. It is important to make sure that your covers represent the standards that you are purchasing. Fire Retardant compliance and specifications include CPAI-84, NFPA 701, CAN/ULC S-109-M87, ASTIM E-84, CSFM Title 19, and the California State Fire Marshall. The proper Fire Retardant Tarps will be marked and have documentation accordingly.

Popular Fire Retardant Tarp Products

When you are seeking protection from fire hazards for your property, equipment, supplies, employees, guests, and areas Fire Retardant Tarps and Fabrics are an effective way to deliver safety. These tarps, covers, and material by the roll and yard are effective, convenient, and affordable solutions. To follow are the more popular and most useful Fire Retardant Products available:

Welding Blankets
Crafted with a variety of effective materials including Acrylic Coated Fiberglass, Silicone Fiberglass, Gold Slag Fiberglass, Black Slag Fiberglass, Aluminized Fiberglass, Heat Treated Fiberglass, Vermiculite Fiberglass, and Silica, Welding Blankets and Covers are a great way to ensure safety and protection for welding areas and other industrial operations shielding your equipment, materials, employees, and the surrounding areas. These durable covers deliver protection against sparks, splatter, slag, molten metal splash, grindings, and high temperature exposure (up to 1800° F with Silica Fabric Blankets). Welding Blankets are also commonly utilized as welding curtains by hanging them vertically. Each of these types of Welding Blankets are included with strong grommets (eyelets) for the secure tie down and installation of these covers. It is highly recommended that gloves are worn when handling these fiberglass products.

Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarps
As an overall sturdy and versatile product, Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarps are ideal for many applications including industrial, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, construction, oil rigs, agriculture, and residential that require fire rated protection. Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarps are available in a rather wide variety of grades, material weights, thicknesses, sizes, and colors. If there is a need, there is a vinyl tarp for it. These heavy duty and protective covers are also 100 percent waterproof along with resisting tears, abrasion, UV rays, acid, grease, oil, and mildew. Each of these heavy duty vinyl covers are fitted with sturdy metal grommets in the hems around the entire perimeter to help tie down and secure properly. Custom size options are available for many of the Vinyl Fire Retardant Tarp items.

Anti-Static Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarps
The Anti-Static Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarps are constructed from polyester scrim with a heavy duty vinyl coating that is approved by the California Fire Marshall and NFPA-701 compliant. These covers resist the hazards of flames as well as being completely waterproof, tear resistant, UV resistant, and mildew resistant. They are ideal for covering valuable electronics, digital equipment, and other commercial comments. Anti-Static Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarps can also be used effectively as curtains, dividers, paint booths, and cleaning booths. These covers contain brass grommets in the hems all around the perimeter to securely be tied down or installed vertically. The Anti-Static Tarps are offered in more than a dozen popular sizes to handle the special needs required.

Fire Retardant Canvas Tarps
Fire Retardant Canvas Tarps deliver effective fire safety to your property, equipment, people, and areas. Whether it is in the shop, garage, plant, warehouse, or barn these covers are treated with the fire resistant Pyrosnuff coating and rated for CPAI-84 specifications to help provide valuable, convenient, and cost effective solutions for what you are protecting. These Canvas Fire Retardant Canvas Tarps are offered in a number of material weights (including 16 oz, 18 oz, and 22 oz), thicknesses, and sizes (including custom size options) to create the best protection available for your fire retardant and non-combustible situation while also being resistant to water, mildew, acid, grease, oil, abrasion, and tearing. Fire Retardant Canvas Tarps have sturdy brass grommets included in the four corners and spaced equally around all four sides for tying down capabilities.

Salvage Covers and Tarps
When there are emergency situations such as fires, severe weather, earthquakes, etc. it is important to salvage what can be saved from the flames, water, and other damage. Salvage Covers, Runners, and Tarps are available in heavy duty material including Vinyl and Canvas to be used as a result of these mentioned situations to provide protective benefits to the affected floors, furniture, supplies, and structures. These are both Fire Retardant and 100 percent waterproof to help deliver the protection necessary during these hard times and situations.

Fire Retardant Polyethylene Tarps
The most adaptable, versatile, and usually the easiest to handle category of covers, the Fire Retardant Polyethylene (Poly) Tarps are available in a wide selection of Fire Retardant products that meet federal fire safety guidelines including CPAI-84, NFPA 701, CAN/ULC S-109-M87, ASTIM E-84, CSFM Title 19, and the California State Fire Marshall. This type of cover is also completely waterproof as well as offering resistance to UV rays, mildew, and tears. Fire Retardant Poly Tarps are provided in a wide selection of sizes from 5’ x 10’ up to 120’ x 120’, thicknesses, material weights, and colors for long-lasting protection for any needs and situation. Custom Options are available for many of these products for the unique dimensions and shapes that are often required.

Fire Retardant Mesh Tarps
A number of Mesh Tarps are available with Fire Retardant and high temperature protection to help businesses, operations, trucks, municipalities, and residences shield materials, equipment, people, and areas from the hazards of flame and extreme heat. These Fire Retardant Mesh Tarps and Covers also resist against tears, grease, oil, acid, UV rays, and mildew. The protective mesh covers are offered in a range of sizes including custom options that are fitted with strong grommets for tie down capabilities to best meet your demands.

Clear Vinyl Fire Retardant Tarps
The extremely strong Clear Vinyl Tarp is also available in a Fire Retardant Vinyl product. A 20 Mil thick Clear Vinyl Tarp is available to protect against fire hazards along with guarding against severe weather, tears, UV rays, chemicals, grease, and mildew. The fire retardant crystal clear vinyl is ideal for covering materials and equipment that you can easily view along with hanging in and protecting porches, entrances, enclosures, patios in residences, studios, restaurants, shops, plants, and warehouses as curtains, temporary walls, and space dividers. These effective and tremendously functional covers are manufactured with brass grommets spaced every 24-inches around the perimeter for secure tie down. These Clear Vinyl Fire Retardant Tarps are offered in a variety of stock sizes ready to ship along with custom dimension options. This product is compliant to NFPA 701 standards.

Poly Sheeting
Fire Retardant Poly Sheeting is offered and ideal for applications that are vital in construction such as creating temporary building enclosures, scaffolding wraps, building wraps, and temporary walls. Meeting many of the national safety requirements, the Fire Retardant Poly Sheeting is available in a variety of reinforcement, thicknesses (5 Mil, 6 Mil, and 10 Mil), and popular roll sizes of 20’ x 100’ and 40’ x 100’ to offer the coverage to these sites and projects. Fire Retardant Poly Sheeting is also great for additional uses such as covering porches, entrances, decks, and greenhouses.

Welding Screens
Offered in a number of free-standing options, Welding Screens are a vital tool for any welding or industrial operation where flame, sparks, grindings, splatter, and UV flashes are prevalent. These screens are available in single, 2-panel, 3-panel, 4-panel, and multi-panel options to help protect the welder, equipment, supplies, surrounding areas, other employees, and the general public from the hazards of these industrial tasks. The Welding Screens are offered in heavy duty Vinyl material that is 14 Mil thick and available in an assortment of transparent colors such as green, blue, orange, yellow, and smoke gray to meet all safety and operational requirements.

Outdoor Vinyl Movie Screens
What is better than watching your movies outdoors? When you do, you can be assured that it is also protected. These specialty 16 ounce (18 Mil thick) block out vinyl covers meet NFPA-701, ASTM-E-84, Class A, CSFM F-121.2 standards. The durable Movie Screens are also waterproof, UV ray resistant, and mildew resistant. They are offered in nine convenient sizes ranging from 5’ x 9’ to 18’ x 24’ to safely and securely fit in your favorite viewing areas.

Fire Retardant Fabric by the Yard and Roll
For those residential, commercial, and industrial do-it-yourself projects or for the stocking of certain materials, Fire Retardant Fabric by the Yard and Roll are available in a number of products that meet fire safety ratings such as California State Fire Marshal, CPAI Section 6, NFPA 701, UL-214 Classified, and ASTM-E-84. The materials not only provide the important Fire Retardant benefits, they also deliver protection such as UV ray resistance, waterproof, tear resistance, and mildew resistance. These fabric options typically ship out in one to five business days depending on stock availability.

Custom Fire Retardant Tarps
The previously mentioned Fire Retardant Tarps and Covers are offered and stocked in a wide assortment of sizes to work with many of the common needs. However, there are often situations and projects that require special and unique dimensions. For these occasions, Custom Fire Retardant Tarps can be specially made to meet these requirements.

Top Uses for Fire Retardant Tarps

Even with the special requirements for Fire Retardant Tarps, there are many create uses for these protective covers. Here are some of the more popular uses:

- Protecting Your materials, supplies, and structures from fire and heat hazards. Fire Retardant Tarps are great to put down where sparks and other issues are present on the jobsite such as on roofs.
- Shielding equipment and vehicles from sparks, fire, splatter, and grinding issues.
- Creating a safe barrier, panels, or walls to protect people and property on the other side of hazardous operations.
- Protecting your deck, porch, backyard area from the rigors of grilling and smoking.
- Put up a campsite canopy to help protect against what a campfire or bonfire in your backyard can kick out.
- To help build temporary and emergency shelters.

Caring for Fire Retardant Tarps

With proper care your Fire Retardant Tarps should last for a number of years. You want to make sure that you do not abuse the covers and overstretch or cause uneven tension. This can cause damage to the grommets as well as compromise the integrity of the fabric.

Keeping the Tarps clean is also important. The build up of dirt and other substances can limit the effectiveness. When cleaning it is suggested to use mild dish soap and definitely not detergents. Certain hash cleaners or even scrubbing too hard can negate and even remove the protective treatments and coatings that make the tarps fire retardant. Thoroughly dry in the sun or with soft towel before returning them to action and especially before placing in storage. Tarps need to be completely dry before storing and should be placed in a cool, dry area off of the floor and out of any direct sunlight.

Also, inspect occasionally. When cleaning is always a good time to look for any issues with the covers. If there are any tears or holes it is strongly suggested to repair with tarp tape or tarp cement. Grommets that have issues should be replaced with grommet kits. If damage is substantial and cannot be repaired, it is best to replace as soon as possible not to compromise what is being protected.

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