Sideline Covers

Sideline Covers

Football Field Sideline Covers

Help maintain your football field with sideline covers. Because they are built strong to resist the wear caused by foot traffic, they can help you keep your sod nice for years. Covers for your sideline are two-ply and toughened by brass grommets every five feet. They also resist mildew growth and sun damage so nothing is going to take away from the beauty of your grounds. Do not forget to take advantage of vinyl covers for the actual field as well. With a higher demand for strength, sports field tarps are four-ply, have grommets every two feet, and have a much higher strength to weight ratio to be completely tear proof. In addition to being appealing, keeping the quality of the grass high is important for the safety of the players.

Complete your football field with safety padding. Covers designed for walls, fences, or rails are three inches thick with a water blocking backer board and UV resistant vinyl cover. They are built to provide safety, but also to keep the surfaces beneath them nice and rust-free. Padding and sideline covers are available in many different colors to match your stadium, and custom printing is available for any logo or mascot, no matter how extensive. All sports facility products are built to your specifications so any sized field can enjoy the safety and maintenance benefits that athletic covers provide.

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