Specialty Tarp Products

To meet your specific application, please contact us for inquiries regarding our specialty tarps. Providing competitive prices and superior materials, TarpsNow.com offers custom-made tarps and covers at wholesale prices to ensure your needs are met. We provide commercial tarps, heavy-duty industrial tarps, field tarps and cover, outdoor tarp, equipment covers and much more.

From equipment coverage to camping, our specialty tarps are made in the United States and will ensure you and your property is protected from debris and severe weather. For example, we manufacture tarps specifically made for kennels, which feature a clear shade mesh that protects animals from extreme weather but provides breathability. Whether you’re looking for a hurricane tarp with exact specifications or a baseball field tarp with the home team’s colors, our ability to manufacture specialty tarps to fit our customer’s needs is what makes TarpsNow.com a leading online provider.