Outdoor Storage Covers

Outdoor Storage Covers


Sometimes you have no choice but to store your precious possessions outside, where they’ll be exposed to the elements, including rain, snow, wind, sun and sometimes even salt and pollution. For all your outdoor storage needs, think first of Tarps Now.com, which can provide custom size storage covers that have the kind of heavy duty construction needed for lasting results!

Material, quality and fit of outdoor storage covers are crucial, not just for protecting what’s inside, but for protecting the storage covers themselves. At TarpsNow.com, we use first-rate materials to custom manufacture outdoor storage covers right here in the U.S. to provide you the best in fit, materials and construction.

A little bit of extra insurance in the form of high-quality materials and constructions can save you the hassle and big bucks of costly failures that can come from using inferior products. Tight custom fitting means that wind, snow, rain and other destructive elements won’t buffet the tarp, working their way in by ripping it and damaging what it’s supposed to protect. Remember that your outdoor storage cover is your first line of defense, and often your last, to protect what’s under it.

Tarps Now offers storage covers in a variety of materials, including breathable canvas and fireproof material. Clear vinyl will let you see what you’ve covered, while canvas and vinyl will protect your goods from others’ eyes. Choose Tarps Now for seasoned manufacturing experience, quality materials and quick response.


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