Noise Control Curtains | Soundproof Curtains

Noise Control Curtains | Soundproof Curtains

Noise Control Curtains are an important part of many industrial and machinery-centered operations. These drastically cut down on the equipment noise by containing and absorbing the distracting, counterproductive, and often dangerous sounds. Tarps Now Noise Control Curtains and Soundproof Curtains are designed and customized to filter the noise protecting employee hearing more effectively than standard curtains.

Whether you are looking to seclude one noisy piece of machinery, section off an area, or line an entire plant, Tarps Now can provide the necessary Noise Control Curtains. Crafted from quality materials, these are great for improving working conditions raising the quality of communication while eliminating hearing loss conditions.

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Noise reducing curtains do tremendously help cut down on equipment and other types of noise that is distracting, counterproductive, and harmful to operations by containing, filtering, or absorbing the sound. These curtains help provide safer and more effective work environments.

Soundproof curtains are typically made of two outer panels of quilted fiberglass with a solid layer of material such as vinyl in between the panels. The construction of the multiple layers of different fabric provides much more effective sound containment than standard curtains.

The materials used in the construction of soundproof curtains make them rather light and easy to handle in the hanging of the curtains. With this in mind, they are rather rigid and do not fold or roll like up other standard vinyl, plastic, or cloth industrial curtains. It is best if they are secured in a stationary or very limited movement placement.

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