Military Specification Tarps

Military Specification Tarps

Military Grade Tarps and Fabrics

When you need heavy-duty covers for industrial or commercial applications, our military specification tarps offer all the durability and protection you'd expect in a military field-grade product. These tarps work well to cover sensitive equipment, create weather-resistance outdoor tents, and secure and protect large items during transportation. You can also use them for residential application such as creating additional outdoor storage for equipment or firewood, or covering vehicle when not in use. The military grade tarps from Tarps Now are made in the USA and meet all the applicable military specifications. This means they are much more durable than typical canvas tarps, and the finishing process ensures these covers are resistant to UV rays and also completely waterproof. Military grade tarp material is generally polyester that is covered with a unique PVC coating. These tarps are designed to last for a long time in severe conditions including extreme temperatures, so they are an excellent choice for any special project requiring reliable protection from the elements. These high-quality tarps are flexible, flame retardant, and also resist tearing and abrasions. We use Berry Amendment compliant fabrics for applications that require that the tarps or covers need to be fully made in the USA.

Every single military tarp we manufacture is custom-made to order, so you can contact us with your requirements and we can work up a solution to meet your needs. If you are representing a branch of the military and need tarps that match certain regulation requirements, simply provide us with the military regulation number and we'll manufacture the exact sizes you require. If you require military field tarps for civilian applications, we can answer all your questions to ensure you find the exact material you need. We offer several different types of tarping material, so we can suggest the solution that meets your requirements for any project. Along with providing finished tarps with hems, seams, and brass grommets, we also offer military grade tarp material by the yard or in full rolls. This is a fantastic option if you need a large amount of heavy duty material that you can cut to fit a variety of projects. Just like our military specification tarps, all our tarp material is flame, tear, UV, and abrasion resistant as well as waterproof. You can choose from numerous color options including black, white, navy blue, yellow, and olive drab. The color is the same on both sides of the fabric for the maximum amount of versatility. The exact fabric weight depends on the specification requirement of the tarp material, but all sizes and grade are extremely rugged, flexible, and have a high tensile strength. Most rolls are 50 or 100 yards long. You can count on reliable protection for any project with our military tarps.

Please email us with your needs and we will email back a quote, or use our Contact Us page and send us an inquiry.

AVAILABLE GRADE SPECIFICATIONS INCLUDE: A-A-55308, A-A-59403, A-A-59708, CCC-C-419, CCC-C-422, CCC-C-428, CCC-C-432, CCC-C-439, CCC-C-442, CCC-C-443, CCC-D-950, MIL-C-10799, MIL-C-20696, MIL-C-43006, MIL-C-43128, MIL-C-43627, MIL-C-44103, MIL-C-788, MIL-PRF-20696, A-A-59403, A-A-549403A, Forestry Service (5100-86), MIL-C-3953, MIL-C-7219, MIL-C-10799, MIL-C-12369, MIL-C-43128, MIL-C-43734, MIL-C-43734D, Class 3, MIL-C-43375, NFPA-701, SS-481, SS-482, CPAI-63, CPAI-84