Windscreens | Privacy Fence Screens

Windscreens | Privacy Fence Screens


When it comes to outfitting your baseball or softball team’s training space, a fence windscreen is a mandatory upgrade. Windscreens offer several key enhancements to a standard chain-link fence: wind protection, privacy, player concentration, and aesthetics. Wind reduction can be customized by the choice of fabric and weave for the screen; those factors also affect how easily one can see through it. You may have different needs depending on whether you want to emphasize privacy, or merely cut down on wind. For example, a training-only facility might benefit most from a denser weave, allowing players to concentrate without the distraction of passing traffic or pedestrians. However, other spaces might need a partially transparent screen that does not block the view of spectators.

Privacy screens also help players concentrate by providing a distraction-free area for them to do what they do best: play ball. In addition to providing practical upgrades to your training and playing space, baseball screens help enhance the aesthetics of the field and give it a professional look. Screens are available in a variety of colors and can be customized with your team name, logo, sponsor names, or any other text needed. Installing a fence windscreen generally does not involve any special tools. Most install quickly and easily with cable ties that are inserted through sturdy grommets and attached to the links of your existing fence.

Our privacy fence screen tarps at for residential and commercial applications offer 86-92% shade and long-lasting performance, allowing continuous air flow while providing a privacy fence or barrier for special events, baseball outfield fence, home renovation work fencing or construction site barriers. With reinforced hems and evenly spaced grommets for easy tie-downs, this American-made mesh screen fencing material is available in various height sizes in standard rolls or by custom order.

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