Cut Size versus Finish Size of Tarps

Cut Size versus Finish Size of Tarps Cut Size versus Finish Size of Tarps

One of the objectives when ordering a tarp, besides the primary protective aspect, is to have it appropriately fit its covering duty. Being a little oversize is usually workable but can be a bit inconvenient to deal with the extra material. On the other hand, a tarp that is undersize can be more of an issue. It will, at a minimum, not fully cover the intended object or space. To help ensure that you order and receive the tarp, cover, curtain, panel, or runner that you intend, every inch that you expect, it is very important to understand that there are two basic tarp industry classifications of the delivered product, Cut Size versus Finish Size of Tarps.

Cut Size

A Cut Size tarp refers to the dimensions of the tarp before the sewing of the hems and seams occur. It is the size that it was cut to, the starting size. Following the sewing process, tarps can be anywhere from four to eight inches and even shorter in each direction. This depends on the size of the hem. For example, a two-inch hem is going require at least two inches at both end of the width to fold over to create the hem adding up to four inches shorter in total for that direction, say the width. The same happens on the length when the hem, which is usually the case, goes all around the perimeter. A Cut Size 6’ X 8’ tarp may actually be 5’ 6” X 7’ 6” with the hem.

One reason for this classification is the rolls of material that the tarps are made from often come in standard widths such as 48-inches, 60- inches, and 96-inches. The use of these common widths cut down on the labor of having to cut additional sides and by eliminating the waste of excess trimmed fabric. Saving on these initiatives helps cut down on the overall costs that go into the tarp that you order.

Finish Size

More of a logical classification in the tarp industry and one you may feel should always get, Finish Size. This is the size of the cover after the sewing of the hem is complete. Even if material is added to make larger tarps, the finish size is what you might call the actual size. There is more material in the beginning to get to the size. The four, six, eight inches, or more material is added before the sewing process to ensure the final, or finish, product is right on the dimensions ordered.

Going Forward

Although the difference between Cut Size and Finish Size tarps can be confusing and frustrating, these terms are standards within the tarp industry. So please look for Cut Size or Finish Size notification when ordering and you can plan, adjust accordingly. We at Tarps Now try to state these classifications as clearly as possible in each of our product descriptions. Our customer service representatives will also stress and explain this when speaking to clients. Know Cut Size versus Finish size of Tarps.

Hopefully this little bit of information is helpful. It can help eliminate an issue in ordering now or in the future. If there is anything that we can add to this topic or to anything else tarp related, please feel free to contact us at (888) 800-1383.