Tarps find use in countless applications in just about every industry out there. They cover equipment, protect people, and divide space. Besides the obvious protective benefits of coverings, there are a lot of creative, both safe and fun, uses of tarps that you may not normally consider.

Here is a list of 25 Creative Uses of Tarps (in no particular order):

Shelters – tarps are excellent for creating temporary and quick shelters such as tents, pet housing, and livestock housing.

Kid’s Fort – a simple but fun way to provide children with a play structure

Privacy – hanging tarps will provide privacy for outside showers and toilets

Ground Cover – a dry, water resistant, and soft cover under a tent or other shelter.

Block Wind – tarps nicely block wind.

Sleeping Bag – in a pinch, some tarps substitute as sleeping bags to help keep you warm and dry.

Emergency Blanket/Wrap – especially in emergency situations where blankets are not available, tarps will keep individuals safe and warm.

Poncho – tarps act as a ponchos when a coat is lost or not available.

Hammock – tarps easily become hammocks slinging to trees or poles.

Backpacks – fold a tarp up and use it as a backpack to conveniently carry items.

Totes – similar to backpacks, totes can be created to carry certain things.

Cover Damaged Areas -  cover windows, walls, roofs, and cars that may receive damage from the elements during the repair waiting period.

Stretcher/Gurney -  secure a tarp to two poles/sticks on both ends and create a stretcher or gurney to carry a person to safety.

Drag Heavy Items – heavy things such as equipment, people, hunting game, landscape and yard trimmings call more easily be pulled with a tarp than carried by hand.

Catch Rain Water – line a hole or bucket with a tarp to collect rain water.

Keep Items Dry – protect firewood outside and other items dry at a campsite, your backyard, or worksite.

Signal for Help -  stretch out a bright tarp to signal for help.

Boat Sail – tarps may substitute for a sail on a sailboat if one is not available.

Boats - with a primitive frame, emergency or fun boats can find a creative use from tarps.

Protect Plants in a Cold Snap – tarps will protect plants when blanketing them during a cold snap.

Catch All - place a tarp on the floor or ground to catch debris, paint, trimmings, and food for work, crafts, yard work, other chores, cooking, and eating.

Vehicle Lining -  line the trunk of car or the bed of a truck to help keep the vehicle clean and protect against spills and debris allowing for easy clean up by simply folding up the removing of the tarp.

Pet Protection  - cover a couch, chair, or even bed with a tarp to keep and protect them from pets and their fur when you are not around.

Billboards – with a little paint a tarp becomes a billboard or sign.

Creative Uses of Tarps Creative Uses of Tarps

Picnic Covering - rather than using a blanket, tarps are a great picnic cover option to place your food, drinks, and self on in the park or field.    

Tarps are as creative as you are

These are just a short list of creative and different uses for tarps. There are as many uses as you can think of. Let us hear from you about some of your great and creative uses of tarps. Contact us at (888) 800-1383 or sales@tarpsnow.com and let us know.