Beam Flange Mount Hardware For Curtain Track System

Track Beam Flange Mount Hardware

When you mount your industrial curtain track and curtain in your workplace, you will need certain things. First, you will need a tracking system in place to mount the industrial curtain. The second thing you will need is mounting hardware. Whether you choose a ceiling mount, wall mount, chain mount, or beam, there is always support hardware associated. There are standard brackets and track that are necessary, but there are other pieces that you may want or need. Using our beam  mounting supports is a great way to anchor your industrial curtain tracking and dividing curtain to the beam flange above where you want it attached.

What makes flange hardware different is the presence of an additional screw clamp that allows it to be more easily and solidly secured to the beam flange structure. Our terrific selection of hardware is sure to contain the pieces you need to fully support all of your curtain track and warehouse dividing curtains. 

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