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Waterproof Vinyl Tarps (21 Mil) Tarps Now
Waterproof Vinyl Tarps (21 Mil)
Made in the USA

Waterproof Vinyl Tarps (21 Mil)


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Waterproof Vinyl Tarp Specifications:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Heavy duty vinyl tarp material
  • 21 Mil thickness
  • PVC Vinyl coated polyester material
  • Finished size tarps (finish full size)
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Triple thickness hems
  • Acid and rot resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Same color on both sides
  • Mildew resistant
  • Brass grommets approximately every 24"
  • Durable heat welded seams
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • Tarps are made in USA

Item Description


Our 21 mils thick, waterproof vinyl tarp is our most frequently purchased vinyl tarp. This vinyl coated tarp is waterproof, resists abrasions and tears. This type of tarp is used for multiple applications and is designed to be used in extreme weather conditions, it is used for roofing, covering cargo, equipment covers, trucks, trailers, construction sites, warehouses. The vinyl coating makes this tarp resistant to UV, abrasions, tears, punctures, grease, mildew, and oil. These waterproof vinyl tarps are manufactured as Full, Finished Size Tarps. This tarp is commonly used by roofers, contractors, schools and the US military. We have (15) different colors available. The large brass grommets are located in all (4) corners and spaced approx. 24" around perimeter. Made in USA.

Vinyl Coated Polyester PVC

Material:  100% PVC Vinyl Coated Polyester
Fabric Thickness:  21 Mils
Color:  Red, White, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Black, Yellow, Gray, Orange, Tan, Kelly Green, Maroon, Light Blue, Navy, Purple
Grade:  A Grade
Finish:  UV, Mildew Resistant and Waterproof
Low Temperature:  -40 degrees F 
High Temperature:  160 degrees F 
Grommets:  Large #4 Brass grommets spacing approx. 24" around perimeter
Size:  Finished Size Tarp

Made in USA

These waterproof tarps are made to order. They take 10-20 business days to manufacture.
(size tolerance of +/- 2") 

What are common uses of Waterproof Vinyl Tarps?

These USA made waterproof tarps are engineered for industrial type applications. Tarpaulin uses include truck tarps, roofing tarps, trailer tarps, cargo tarps, agriculture tarps, farm tarps and perfect to cover equipment and machinery. With (15) colors to chose from, you should have no problem picking a tarp.


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