Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps (40 oz)
Made in the USA

Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps (40 oz)


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Made in the USA

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Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps

Tarps Now offers you factory direct pricing on rugged and long lasting Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps made of neoprene-coated nylon. These Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps resistant to rips and abrasions, and the neoprene is inert to acids, corrosive fluids, gasoline, diesel fuels and other chemicals. It’s a best buy for projects requiring longer-lasting applications that demand chemical inertness, greater stretch and greater protection against rips and tears. In addition, these Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps are waterproof and resistant to mildew and damage from sun exposure. They are excellent for use as cold-weather tarps, heavy truck tarps and shipyard and dock tarps.

Our expert staff can provide more details on acid resistance specs for chemical refinery tarps and hazardous shipment tarp uses, asbestos abatement and off-shore oil rig tarps. Each neoprene tarp comes with double-stitched seams and hem and brass grommets. We can custom-size your order. We also have 16 ounce Neoprene fabric and 40 ounce Neoprene fabric, available for those custom tarps and covers, so please use our Contact Us page and send us an inquiry now!

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Our Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps provide you the ultimate in UV and chemical resistance. Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps also include excellent tear strength and superior resistance to abrasion.

These Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps are black on both sides, and they are constructed with grommets that are approx. 24 inches apart as well as seams and hems that are double stitched.

Each Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarpis a cut size, so they will finish slightly smaller than size shown. In addition, our neoprene coated nylon tarps resist grease, solvent, mildew, and certain acids. To inquire about acid resistance, please email for details. 

Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarp Specifications:

Material:  Neoprene Coated Nylon
Fabric Weight:  40 oz. Per Square Yard
Thickness:  40 Mils
Color:  Black
Grade:  A Grade
Finish:  UV, Mildew, Solvent, Grease, Acid, Puncture and Tear Resistant
Seams:  Double stitched, sewn seams
Low Temperature:  -40 degrees F 
High Temperature:  180 degrees F 
Grommets:  #2 Brass grommets / spacing approx. 24"
Size:  These tarps are cut size and finish approx. 6"-8" smaller in size

Made in USA 

These Neoprene Coated Nylon Tarps are custom made to order and take 10-15 business days to manufacture.

 If water were to pool on seams, they may leak, due to the stitching.


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