Canvas Drop Cloths - Painter Tarps - 10 oz

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Canvas Drop Cloth/Painters Tarps Featrues:

Material:  Natural Untreated Cotton Canvas
Base Fabric Weight:  10 oz. Per Square Yard
Color:  Natural Canvas
Grade:  Tarp Grade
Finish:  Natural
Treatment:  Untreated
Size:  These tarps are cut size and finish approx. 6-8" smaller in size

Painter Tarps/Drop Cloths usually ship out in 1-3 business days.

10 oz - Canvas Drop Cloths | Painters Tarps

If you are looking for high-quality canvas drop cloths for your next painting endeavor, look no further than Tarps Now’s extensive selection of premium grade drop cloths. Our painters drop cloths are suitable for all painting jobs. From tackling a complete renovation to updating your walls with a fresh coat of paint, Tarps Now has your painting environment covered. Painters will appreciate our low-cost and versatile white drop cloths.

Our canvas cloths for painting are made with 10-ounce professional grade canvas duck fabric. This fabric is naturally white and 100% cotton. The heavy duty canvas drop cloth material is constructed with durable fibers allowing for a long-lasting product. The hems of the drop cloths are folded and then double-stitched with tough thread that resists rot. These specific tarp options do not contain grommets. Painters can wash and re-use these painters cloth tarps over and over again for maximum efficiency.

Whether you’re starting a new paint job at your home or workplace, our cotton drop cloths will protect your project environment. These white drop cloths can be placed over furniture, lumber, cars, boats, and supplies to sufficiently protect your equipment from potential paint spillage or accidents. Because of the tight weave of the drop cloth’s yarn, these drop cloths prevent any paint from bleeding through and staining your surrounding area or equipment. Tarps Now’s painters drop cloth canvas tarps come in an off-white color. Choose from fifteen different sizes to suit your painting needs including our popular size offerings in 4’ x 15’, 9’ x 12’, 10’ x 10’, and 10’ x 20’ dimensions. Our canvas drop cloths are cut size so they will finish in a slightly smaller size than shown, approximately 6-8 inches smaller after hems and seams are added.

With 30 years of expertise, Tarps Now is a trusted supplier of tarps, curtains, and drop cloths for various applications in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Our canvas drop cloths are built to last during any painting projects. Contact Tarps Now today with any questions and to begin your order.

These heavy duty canvas drop cloths typically take 1-3 business days to ship.


Our drop cloth material is made of a 10 oz. canvas duck fabric that is 100 percent cotton and naturally white. The tarps and covers made of this material are ideal for painting jobs. Because of the tight weave in the construction of the tarps, drop cloths do not allow paint to bleed through on to the surfaces they are protecting. These covers are also extremely easy to handle and made to be washed and repeatedly used over and over again.

Drop cloths do absorb and prevent paint from bleeding through the cover because of the tight weave of the material. However, this is an untreated material that is not waterproof.

Yes, canvas drop cloths are washable. The superior weave of the duck canvas fibers provides a strong and durable fabric that can be continually washed and reused.

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