Common Uses for Insulated Tarps and Covers

Insulated tarpsThere are many uses for the use of Insulated Tarps, Insulated Covers and Insulated Industrial Curtains, ranging from temperature control to curing concrete with a concrete curing blanket. Tarps Now offers many different styles of insulated covers in various sizes and materials. Most popular is the concrete curing blanket, a superior method of curing concrete. These closed cell foam blankets are available in many different sizes, and a wet concrete curing blanket is another useful option.

Other insulated covers are ideal for situations in which temperature control is necessary. This includes covering kilns and pallets, as well as acting as divider curtains. Our insulated covers are also available in custom sizes for your convenience.

Industrial Uses for Insulated Tarps

Insulated tarpsInsulated Tarps have many uses in warehouses, because they can be used to facilitate temperature control. Many warehouses are not climate-controlled, leaving the products and equipment inside to be affected by temperature swings. Some warehouses are kept at a specific temperature, but what if you have equipment or products that require special temperature considerations? It is unlikely that every different material in one large warehouse is best stored at the same temperature. Insulated tarps allow warehouses to keep certain products, materials, or stored equipment at a different temperature, offering superior protection and storage for your valuables. Our durable insulated covers can provide a long-term solution for your warehouse.