Tarp Product Categories

At Tarps Now we carry a wide assortment of Tarp Products that are conveniently used to maintain, repair, clean, and secure the canvas, vinyl, poly, and mesh tarps and covers we provide. These accessories, fasteners, tools, tape, and cement help preserve, extend, and enhance the usefulness and life of your tarps.

If your trap’s holes/eyelets need reinforcement, replacement, or creation we carry a variety of grommets and fasteners to repair or design your tarp along with the necessary tools to accomplish the job including tarp grabbers, hole cutters, mallets, and setting dies.

As for securing your tarps we supply bungee balls, tarp straps, shock cords, and zip ties to properly tie down the covers.

Tarps Now has a number of important Tarp Products that are administered for repair and maintenance purposes. Tarp glue/cement and repair tape are great for when a tarp is cut, torn, or is wearing through. These offer superior stability and reinforcement maintaining the integrity of the covers. Whether it is of canvas or vinyl fabric, our tarp glue and repair tape are capable of delivering assistance and results. We also offer multi-surface cleaner to help properly and safely clean tarp surfaces.

Contact us today at (888) 800-1383 to find out more about our Tarp Products. If you do not see something that you are looking for it, we are adding items all the time and might already have it or can easily get it.

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