Single Panel Freestanding Portable Welding Screens

Single Panel Freestanding Portable Welding Screens


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Single Panel Welding Screens

We stock weld view free-standing portable welding screens that will keep your workers, equipment, and materials safe from the hazards associated with welding, which include sparks, spatters, and UV flashes. Our welding screens can be made using fire resistant solid vinyl, transparent UV shield vinyl, or fire resistant canvas. We offer configurations that are single-panel, 2-panel, 3-panel, 4-panel, and multi-panels.  These 14 Mil Tinted Transparent Weld screen panes are perfect to protect from harmful UV while allowing viewing of emloyees. All panels are furnished with platform legs and the frames are made from rigid tubular steel with a Black powder coated finish. The multipanels screens have hinged corners. Casters are and option.  Contact us by email or 888-800-1383 to learn more about the panel designs for our welding screens and discuss the right choice for your application.


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