10 oz Vinyl Mesh Tarps (60% Shade) Fire Retardant

10 oz Vinyl Mesh Tarps (60% Shade) Fire Retardant


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Are you in need of a heavy-duty vinyl mesh tarp that provides fire resistance? At Tarps Now, we can supply you with a flame resistant vinyl mesh tarp that is heavy-duty, with the best protection against tears and abrasions. They also provide excellent resistance to grease, acid, oil, and mildew. These tarps are beneficial for maximum protection that is also breathable, due to the small holes in the mesh fabric.

Because they are so strong, our heavy-duty, fire resistant vinyl mesh tarps are ideal for use in industrial applications, construction, truck coverage, and agriculture. In addition, if you need fire retardant materials indoors, these mesh tarps can be utilized. These tarps are cut size so they will finish slightly smaller than size shown. You may choose to use them for fire-safe storage as well as product coverage. All tarps are manufactured here in the U.S.A. and contain spur brass grommets that are spaced approx. 24 inches apart.

Color:  White
Fire Resistant:  Passes California State Fire Marshal test
Size:  These tarps are cut size and finish 6" smaller in size  

These tarps are made to order. They take 10-15 business days to manufacture.


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