Smooth Shipping Suggestions for Tarps

You have found the right tarp for your application. The size, the color, and the material all apply perfectly for the requirement. There is one last step that needs a certain amount of focus as well. A few minutes of attention on the shipping information for your tarp order can help ensure proper delivery.

First of all, please note that there will be two estimated times that factor into one overall time from ordering to delivery. The time to manufacture a custom tarp or pull a stock size from the warehouse is provided by Tarps Now. This is separate from the expected time given by the dedicated carrier for picking up the product from our specific facility and delivering to your location.

If time is critical and a schedule is to be precisely met, it is important to factor in both estimated times in planning and decision making for the expected delivery of your tarps.

Placing Orders

Shipping Tarps Suggestions - Tarps Now Shipping Tarps Suggestions

As you are placing your order on the Tarps Now website, our system will automatically shop for the best shipping rate for the delivery to the desired shipping location. Whenever possible we use parcel carries.

These carrier services include UPS, UPS Freight and other Freight Carriers. For orders weighing over 150 pounds, an LTL (less than truckload) consolidated freight common carrier may be necessary in shipping. As you check out in our system, you will be instructed to choose a specific shipping method and the carrier determined.

To make sure that there is no delay with the shipment, we stress two simple rules:

1) Tarps Now cannot ship to P.O. (Post Office), A.P.O. (Army Post Office), or F.P.O. (Fleet Post Office) boxes. Please list a physical address when placing an order.

2) When listing the physical location, check and double check that the address is correct. We find that many delays and delivery issues are simply caused by a wrong address or zip code being entered. (Charges are accessed by carriers for address corrections made once the item has shipped-UPS charges $15 for ground and $25 for air freight address corrections)

Freight Delivery Option

Please note, if your package is more than 150 pounds or big and bulky it will be required to ship and arrive on a large 28’ or 53’ truck. These deliveries are typically made Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm unless special instructions are made with the carrier.

The following are common freight delivery requirements:

* Street access for these trucks must be at least 10 feet wide with an overhead clearance of 14 feet.

* Someone needs to be present to unload and sign for the freight.

* The location must be capable of accepting a freight truck including unloading the box, crate, pallet, etc. and unloading. A dock and or forklift, pallet jack, crane, or other piece of lifting equipment may be necessary.

* A liftgate truck may be necessary if a dock is not available. A liftgate is located on the back of the truck. Its main purpose is to lower freight off the truck to the ground. There is an addition charge to the customer for this service.

* All charges for redelivery or delivery refusal of the package are the responsibility of the customer. These fees will be charged to the customer’s original method of payment.

* Additional charges can occur for multi-truckload deliveries or for special crate packaging. Additional charges will be communicated by the carrier prior to delivery.

Receiving Your Shipment

It is very important to inspect the packages at the time of delivery before signing the carrier’s delivery receipt. It is the receiving party’s responsibility to be sure everything received is correct and the right number of pieces are present.

If a box or pieces are missing, you can accept the delivered pieces, make a note of the discrepancy on the delivery receipt, and contact Tarps Now shipping ( to locate the missing items. If the tarps are being shipped LTL, note all issues on the Bill of Lading and have the driver sign.

Upon discovery of damage, you may choose to refuse the delivery if it is unacceptable. Note the damage on the delivery receipt and notify our shipping department of the refusal. If you accept the damaged freight, write the issues on the carrier’s delivery receipt and ask for a copy of it. It is wise to take down any additional information such as the trucking company name, driver’s name, and trailer number.

There may instances of manufacturer defects. Once the product is unpackaged and a flaw is discovered contact Tarp Now and we will ask you to take a photograph of the item and a resolution will soon be offered depending on the situation. All defective merchandise must be reported no later than 15 days of the original invoice date.

Tarps Now will replace all defective merchandise the following business day. Please do not confuse damage from shipping with a manufacturing defect.

Canceling Orders

Orders can be cancelled if the tarps have not shipped at the time of the notification. A $15 charge will be assessed for all cancelled orders.

If you wish to cancel an order that has shipped, refuse delivery of the products when they arrive. We will then issue a store credit deducting a 20 percent restocking fee along with any shipping costs associated with the freight.

Smooth Shipping

Shipping is a vital component in getting you the best tarps for your situations and needs in a timely manner. Although the freight is handled by a third party, Tarps Now works with you, our facilities, and the carrier to keep the order on track and provide as much communication to you as possible.

We send an automated email of the tracking number once a shipment goes out with UPS. Please check your email spam or junk files near the estimated delivery date. Unfortunately, some of our notifications go to these junk mail locations because of tightened email security and verification settings.

Please call (888) 800-1383 with any shipping/receiving or sales questions. Tarps Now values your business and looks forward to shipping tarps to you.