Black Slag Fiberglass (1100° F)

High Temperature Fiberglass Fabric by the Yard

Tarps Now Black Skag Fiberglass Fabric is superior for use in tough welding applications because it provides long lasting protection from sparks and grinding, and it is highly resistant to abrasion.  As a curtain, Tarps Now Black Skag Fiberglass Fabric can also be used for light to medium sparks; and as a blanket, can be used for medium sparks.

Tarps Now Black Skag Fiberglass Fabric comes in 40 mil thickness and 21oz weight. The color is black, and when it lies at a 25° or larger angle, it can shed molten splatter that reaches temperatures up to 3000° F.

Tarps Now Black Skag Fiberglass Fabric ican be used for welding curtains, blankets, and screens. This blanket should not be used for stress relief or heat treating.  Call for bul ordering options today.

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