Stand-Up Tape Dispenser

Stand-Up Tape Dispenser


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When applying tape to large areas, using conventional methods can be quite a task, and can wear on your body. Utilizing a walk behind tape dispenser can help to eliminate such stress on your body, as well as help you to complete the task quickly and efficiently. As the name indicates you can walk behind the tape dispenser, guiding and applying the tape as needed. With the precision and added weight of the machine you do not have to worry about wasting any excess tape or getting off track.

With this quality tape dispenser you receive an unparalleled combination of comfort and accuracy. The sturdy build of the machine helps you to keep full control of the direction and application processes. The handles are covered with a material that provides both comfort and traction. This helps you to stay in full control without having to put a lot of pressure on your hands or wrists. The large wheel in front aids in assuring a smooth roll on process while the additional smaller wheel in back helps to maintain balance. The base of the machine is sturdy and strong so you can be certain that it will be around for a long time. Take some time to check out the options available and see for yourself how a stand-up tape dispenser can be of benefit to you.

Easily apply your seam tape with this walk behind, stand-up tape dispenser.  Dispenses the 3" wide floor cover tape without crawling around on your hands and knees. Just insert the roll of tape and apply the tape with ease on all those sections of covers. Tape is not included.


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