Roller Track Steel Ball Bearing Trolley with Overlap
Made in the USA

Roller Track Steel Ball Bearing Trolley with Overlap


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Made in the USA

Roller Track Steel Wheel Trolley with Overlap

  • Steel Ball Bearing Trolley
  • Heavy Duty Steel Wheels
  • Overlap extender with hook
  • (4) Steel Wheels
  • Smooth glide
  • Used to overlap (2) dividing curtains
  • Use with curtain track system

These overlap trolleys typically ship out in 2-3 business days.

Item Description

Steel Wheel Trolley with Overlap

Setting up divider curtains is essential for a variety of industries, and the right hardware needs to be acquired to ensure these curtains work as they should. Not only can you get excellent tarps from Tarps Now, but you can also get all the necessary equipment to put them up, including the roller track steel ball bearing trolley with overlap. Government operations can benefit quite a bit by getting the essential tools needed for to put up a divider curtain. Confident blueprints should not be viewed out in the public where anyone can see them, so privacy is crucial in this line of work. Additionally, businesses in the agricultural industries might need an overlap curtain to protect crops and other items from the elements outside. Automotive businesses might need to hang curtains as well to separate one room into numerous sections. Each section is dedicated for a certain process, so it can make daily operations flow much more smoothly to have curtains clearly indicating different areas.

The function of the roller track steel ball bearing trolley with overlap is to ensure the curtain can be opened and closed with ease. Investing in the right tarps and hardware can bring numerous benefits. In addition to limiting the visibility to a given area, you can also use dividing curtains to block out excessive noise. You may only have one room to work with at your business. If you need to perform several functions in one room, an overlap curtain can ensure that the noises being made in one area do not affect the work being done in another section. Another perk is that dividing tarps prevent dust and other contaminants from entering other areas of the company. With a curtain, everything remains localized to one area to increase efficiency.  Made in USA.


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