Outdoor Industrial Curtains

Outdoor Industrial Curtains


Hanging Outdoor Industrial Curtains as flexible and adjustable walls inside of a building makes perfect sense, especially when there is plenty of space to install track.

When industrial work flow takes you outdoors, it might seem like you are at the mercy of the elements without solid walls to protect you. The solution?  Tarps Now Outdoor Industrial Curtains addresses open outdoor areas where you are looking for some privacy and protection from the weather. Tarps Now Outdoor Industrial Curtains are easy to install and quickly create a private space where it wasn’t available before.

Our Outdoor Industrial Curtains consist of heavy-duty materials, making them suitable for use in all kinds of weather. Say goodbye to having to work in the chilly wind and horizontal rain. Our curtains keep out the water, snow and any other debris that may get blown about by the wind. They also help to prevent over spray and sparks from spreading beyond your work space.

In addition to hanging from the hooks on the track, our curtains feature hook and loop fasteners on the sides to connect to other curtains, allowing you to attach and build however many walls you desire. The lower hem is weighted to assist in keeping the curtain in place. Building a temporary outdoor wall is simple and more affordable than constructing walls out of brick and mortar. Find what you need in our wide selection of stock and custom-sized outdoor industrial curtains.