Nylon Tarps

One of the most popular synthetic materials used for tarps, nylon, has certain advantages over polyester, including greater abrasion-resistance and lower weight. Tarps Now manufactures nylon tarps and covers that are in stock as well as custom sizes, giving you the satisfaction and safety of knowing Tarps Now’s products are made in the U.S. of top-quality materials. Standard sizes run from 6’ x 8’ for small jobs to 170’ by 170’ — big enough to cover a baseball diamond’s infield.

Tarps Now can make custom nylon tarps to meet your needs according to size as well as types of components, including grommets, webbing, reinforcement and drawstrings. Tarps Now’s nylon tarps cover all fields, whether industrial, construction, agricultural, trucking, sports or commercial. Despite their custom make, you’ll be able to purchase these nylon tarps from Tarps Now at wholesale prices, because you’ll be buying them direct. Just a few potential applications include bio-gas covers, bakery conveyor catch cloths, bridge containment and bulk storage covers.