Floor Cover Power Winder

Floor Cover Power Winder


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Safe time and make the job much easier with this electric power winder. Simply plug in the winder, attach to the roll and start winding up the gym floor covers. This equipment makes even the long 120' rolls of material easy to roll up. Eliminate the hand cranking of these large rolls.

Installing and removing gym floor covers can be difficult. However, with the right setup and equipment, it doesn’t have to be that way. A power winder is the key to an easy tear down, when paired with a high quality mobile storage rack. It eliminates the need for hand cranks, which can be tiring to use. To use the power winder, simply attach it to the shaft of the roller and flip the switch. The powerful motor kicks into action and easily winds up even the longest rolls of material with little effort on your part. Almost anyone can wind up a floor cover quickly and easily with this tarp power winder.

Our electric power winder features a universal 115 V motor with enough torque to wind up even heavy floor mats. The winder can run in forward or reverse, utilizing a spur and worm gear reduction drive, and has a safety lock-off switch. The body is made of super tough fiberglass-reinforced plastic to increase durability and guarantee a long life for the product. You can be confident that your gym floors can be installed and taken up with speed and ease with a mobile storage rack paired with an electric power winder!

Motor:  Universal 115 V motor
Weight:  12.5 lbs
Switch:  Forward / reverse, heavy-duty paddle with safe lock-off 


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