Equipment Covers

Equipment Covers


When it comes to protecting equipment, Tarps Now’s quality-built tarps and covers provide inexpensive protection. That’s because Tarps Now uses the highest-quality vinyl, poly or canvas material and other components to provide custom products that ensure the best fit and protection.

Custom sizes and proper fit mean that elements like wind and water won’t find any weak points to latch onto, slowly wrecking your tarp and ultimately the equipment it’s supposed to protect. On top of that custom fit, Tarps Now’s careful construction and top-notch materials won’t let the elements get a foothold. Our covers will outlast and outperform low-quality, cheap foreign imports.

Tarps Now’s equipment covers’ and machine covers' custom sizes can handle virtually any piece of equipment or machinery under the sun — and protect it from the sun, among other elements, along with dust, dirt, grime, grease and oil.  One of Tarps Now’s trained sales staff can work with you to produce exactly the right type and fit promptly and inexpensively.


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