Custom Curtain and Track Builder


We offer custom curtains for a variety of industrial, warehouse, municipal, and domestic applications. They are constructed from a selection of durable, high quality material such as vinyl, clear vinyl, canvas, nylon, and mesh. Some of these materials are offered with Class A flame-retardant specifications. Every Tarps Now Custom Curtain is made to order in the USA.

Tarps Now Divider Curtains are created from heavy-duty vinyl material work on the manufacturing floor, construction job site, and warehouse. Strong, durable, and versatile these curtains deliver privacy, temperature control, safer working spaces, and tremendously cut down on dust. Divider Curtains are waterproof along with being oil, grease, mildew, and tear resistant.

Our Welding Curtains create high levels of safety and protection in your welding areas. These screens are crafted from the highest-quality materials are also available in custom sizes.

At Tarps Now we also stock a complete line of hardware and tracks for the Divider Curtains. For your Custom Curtain needs begin the curtain builder process below by adding your requirements and dimensions or contact us at 888.800.1383 or for any assistance or questions.

Custom Curtains typically take 3 to 8 weeks to manufacture.

Step 1 : Curtain Layout

To get started, please select the curtain layout you need:

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Step 2: Sizes And Colors
Step 3: Operation And Track Hardware
Step 4: Additional Options