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Industrial Curtain Track Systems and Hardware

To get the most out of your divider curtains, you need to be able to easily open and close them when the situation requires. With a high quality curtain track, you can ensure smooth performance, reducing the risk of the curtain snagging on the rod or similar problems. Heavier material requires a heavy-duty track to match the performance requirements. Therefore, hospitals, industrial spaces, warehouses, and other commercial spaces that use heavy-duty dividers need to be extra careful to have the working components that match the intended use of their curtain tracks.

You have many options from which to choose for a roller track, but you can easily find your match by assessing the material, the space, and the intended use. When you purchase the hardware, you can choose from a curved or straight track, depending on the space that will be set apart. Additionally, you have your choice of brackets for the end stop, including adjustable models. The material from which the track is made also varies depending on the use. You can choose from plastic options that are flexible, although they are typically not suited for the heavy-duty materials used in industrial divider curtains. In order to handle weightier products, you will want a strong and durable material such as aluminum. Our track options are made from heavy-duty components that are ideal for commercial use. We offer a selection of all the different types of hardware you need for your track curtains, including end stops and splice connectors.  Be sure to checkout our selection of track, end stops, splice connectors and curved track too.

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