How to Use Tear-Off Roof Tarps

Roof TarpsRoof tear-off roof tarps are primarily utilized in roofing. Tarps Now Tear-Off Roof Tarps catch the debris that falls when a roof is being re-roofed. Roof tear-off tarps are vinyl coated tarps that are very heavy duty and have O-rings made of steel that are used for lifting. At, we have a range of vinyl coated tarps for roofing in many sizes. We can also create custom sized roof tarps to suit your needs. Our roof tear-off tarps are all manufactured with the strongest webbing and most durable steel O-rings for easy, safe lifting.

The Roofing Process

Roof TarpsThe roofing process is very difficult; however, it is made easier with roof tear-off tarps. The roof tarps are first laid at ground level in the same area where your roof will be torn off. After removing the entirety of the ridge cap from the section in which you are working, you will begin tearing off your roof in rows. You should remove sections that are about 6 feet wide at a time. Using your vinyl coated tarps, you can collect the debris that falls and then lift it away for removal. When roofing, you should always take caution from falling debris as well as loose shingles.