88% Windscreen (7'-8" x 150'-0" size Rolls)

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Windscreen Specifications:

Material:  100% virgin polyethylene (HDPE) UV stabilized material
Shade Factor:  88% Closure
Roll Size:  7'-8"( 92") x 150'
Lead Free:  100% lead and phthalate free
Warranty: Five-Year Warranty for UV ray damage
Colors:  Dark Green, Black, Royal Blue, Brown, Tan, White, Navy, Miller Blue, Gray, and Red
Finish:  No grommets or button holes, the fabric will not fray. It is suggested to use zip ties for attaching to the fence 
Made in the USA 

The windscreens typically ship out in 1-3 business days.


The 92" tall fence screening has an effective 88 percent shade factor. This is commonly utilized at ball parks, construction sites, parks and recreation departments, special events, retention pond areas, highway departments, and for numerous other secure fenced-off areas. This fabric is tightly knitted Polyethylene. The windscreens do not have grommets or button holes Installed. The material is UR ray, tear, mold and mildew resistant. It will not fray when cut. The screening can be easily attached to a fence using zip/cable ties or other fasteners. It is available in ten (10) colors. If you are considering adding a custom printed logo, contact Tarps Now at (888) 800-1383 for additional pricing.MADE IN THE USA

The 88% Windscreens typically ship in 1-3 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended to cut “wind holes” throughout the windscreen to relieve the pressure and tension that heavy winds can generate through a sail effect. This easy process allows the wind to pass through minimizing the potential damage.

These holes or slits can be small crescent shapes, rectangle corners, x-cuts, or complete cutout shapes located intermittently to help keep the fabric safe. The shape of the incisions are not as important as having them inserted. A number of instruments can be used including utility knives, scissors, and shears to create the cuts. The material will not fray.

The five-year warranty on the windscreens cover UV ray issues and not for wind damage.

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