Lathe-Leno Tennis Windscreen

Lathe-Leno Tennis Windscreen


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The poly lathe leno weave is a tarp constructed using open mesh (lathe-leno). This tarp weighs 4.8 oz. per square yard and provides the user with 75% shade. It is crafted using heavy webbing of polypropylene material for the reinforced hems that surround the tarp. In addition, grommets line the perimeter of the tarp approx. every 24 inches for use in tying down. These tarps are cut size so they will finish slightly smaller than size shown. This tarp is made from polyethylene, a superior material for tarp construction due to its excellent durability and proven longevity. Choose poly tarps for a highly versatile product that is resistant to tears and punctures and remains flexible in cold weather conditions.

Our poly lathe leno weave is primarily used for tennis court curtains, crowd control fences, and as a privacy screen. The breathability of mesh and durability of polyethylene combine to offer you the best in weather protection, shade, and humidity control. If you have a fence that is over 9 feet high, this tarp comes with an extra lacing lug that provides additional strength. All of our poly lathe leno weave tarps are made in the U.S.A. and manufactured with the highest quality open mesh material.

Color:  Forest Green, Black

These fence screen tarps are made to order. They take 10-15 business days to manufacture.
(size tolerance of +/- 2") 


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