10 oz Untreated Natural Canvas (60" Width x 100 Yard Roll)

10 oz Untreated Natural Canvas (60" Width x 100 Yard Roll)


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Material:  100% Cotton Duck
Fabric Weight:  10 oz. Per Square Yard

Fabric Width:  60" 
Color:  Natural
Grade:  A Grade
Wide Construction: Single Filled 
Roll Size:  Full 100 Yard Rolls

* Not only is it versatile, but this durable duck canvas is very stable so it will not easily fall apart. Each piece is tightly woven to make it strong and to help it last through several uses. Also, this quality canvas material can be utilized as is or dyed to your liking. Though the canvas is made strong it is of medium weight, so it is not too heavy and easy to maneuver. With it being made of natural fibers you do not have to worry about the colors bleeding off on and damaging your items. Choose from the wide variety of options available and find the perfect 10 oz untreated natural canvas to meet your needs.

Item Description

Natural 10 oz Untreated Canvas

This fine 10 oz untreated natural canvas is a great versatile option for a number of different uses. You can use it as is or sew it together to accommodate your particular needs. Use it to create slip covers, to cover the floor when painting or to be the actual painting canvas itself; you can create reusable painting overalls out of it as well.

In addition you can get creative and make other types of durable coverings from the cotton canvas, such as table coverings, pillow cases and tote bags. You may also use larger sections for recreational and common covering needs, such as boat decking, along with theatre and stage coverings.

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