White Fire Retardant Poly Tarps

White Fire Retardant Poly Tarps


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Flame Retardant Poly Tarps Specifications:

  • Meets NFPA 701, CPAI-84 & California Title 19 Compliant As A Registered Flame Resistant Product
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Medium duty poly tarp
  • Fire resistant poly
  • 6 Mil thickness
  • 4.5 oz per square yard
  • 3 Ply poly material
  • 900 Denier fibers
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Provides shade protection
  • Acid and rot resistant
  • Hems reinforced with rope
  • UV resistant
  • Reinforced woven and coated polyethylene
  • White on both sides
  • Mildew resistant
  • Grommets approximately every 36"
  • Durable heat welded seams
  • Artic temperature flexibility

Item Description


The medium-duty flame retardant poly tarp is useful as a cover that is both economical and durable. We offer a large inventory of affordable medium-duty fire resistant, waterproof  poly tarps, which are all coated on both sides with solid polyethylene. This economical polyethylene is dense and durable, making our fire retardant poly tarps heavier and superior to other tarps currently on the market. These tarps are also very resistant to flame, water, UV, rot, mildew, acid and tearing. These flame retardant tarps are approved and certified by NFPA 701, CPAI-84 & California Title 19 Compliant As A Registered Flame Resistant Product. Each of our flame retardant tarps come with a sewn in California State Fire Marshal tag.

Our fire resistant poly tarps are 4 oz. with a thickness of 6 mil., and it includes aluminum grommets about every 36 inches as well as hems reinforced with rope. You can use flame resistant poly tarps for many lightweight economical applications requiring a tarp that is strong yet easily handled, such as covering a roof or machinery covers. They are UV resistant, rot resistant and waterproof. These tarps are cut size so they will finish approximately 4-6" smaller than the size shown.  This style of tarp is imported.

Fire Resistant Reinforced Polyethylene 6 Mil

Material:  Woven & Coated Polyethylene
Fabric Weight:  4.5 oz. Per Square Yard
Thickness:  6 Mils
Mesh Count:  8 x 8
Denier:  900
Color:  White
Finish:  Fire Retardant, Waterproof, UV and Mildew Resistant
Grommets:  #2 grommets / spacing approx. 36"
Size:  These tarps are cut size and finish 6" smaller in size 
Fire Resistant:  
NFPA 701, CPAI-84 & California Title 19 Compliant As A Registered Flame Resistant Product

Imported Tarpaulin

These poly tarps typically ship out in 1-3 business days. 


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Arrived on time. Quality tarps.
Arrived on time. Quality tarps.
- TarpsNow
#Reply 07/27/2016
Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for your positive feedback on the quality of Tarps Now Fire Retardant Poly Tarps, as well as our timely delivery. Please feel free to contact us for free quotes on custom orders or for questions you have on protective coverings. Thanks again for being our customer!
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